Clair de lune
London Philharmonic Orchestra [Orchestra] Lyrics


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Shin-i-chi Kozima

Listening to this masterpiece while reading Sir Fujiwara Teika's 「 Sagano Bright Moon Diary 」 ,
my soul transcends the time and space of 1000 years and enter into the state of selflessness .

Sir Fujiwara Teika is a noble poor in the most famous genius poet before 1000 years ago in Japan .

The moon of Sagano in Kyoto is luscious , pensive and mysterious .

From Tokyo of the Land of the Rising Sun .

Which are you watching this from ?

Shin-i-chi Kozima

@Rob Andrews
Arigato ( Japanese thanks )
Thank-you so much to your wonderful reply !
How is your country's Coronavirus infection problem ?
Japan is hustle and bustle with Coronavirus infection .
Tokyo has more than 100 infected people every day .
Tokyo is cruel ,
About 10 infected persons dies every day .
Be on the alert for Coronavirus infection .
Coronavirus is scary and cruel ,
Just talking or touching are infected .
Good luck !

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Michael Arat

Right now, in the midst of a most difficult time, I feel quite gifted to have experienced listening to this beautiful arrangement.

Aida Rivero

I concur!


I finally found it!!!
This version is perfection.
Some arrangements move too quickly (particularly at the end). I love how this version is deliberate. Largo. This song just takes me away, and I don’t want to come back. 💕


This is a superb rendition of Debussy's gem. Close to perfection in pace and it just feels full of wonder - which is what this piece should feel like.

I think youll love this. A wax recording of him playing the piece. It's faster for sure but understandable.


Been looking for this version for so I've found it!

Lights Off

My favorite version ;)

J Karpet

I listen to this when I use my telescope and look at the cosmos, staring at the powerful rings of Saturn or the demanding craters of the moon with this playing makes me feel like I’m floating


This is the song that has always made me think of only the good, and dreamy parts of this life. The love you share with others. Laying on the cool grass on a summer evening just looking at the stars and listening to the crickets chirp. The breeze gently blowing through the trees, bringing in the smell of rain. My grandma's flower garden, and how it seemed so magical with it's big fat furry bumblebees. Grandma's hands that would dig in the garden, and feed me the best food, and pull me close for a long hug. Sitting on the front lawn with neighbors and watching the fireworks on the 4th of July. Watching my children run and play and laugh. The comfort I feel when I'm in my sweetheart's arms...
Nothing but good things with this song. Thank you for posting it. ♥️

Antonio Vazquez Magaña

It's the most beautiful song in the world

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