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London Is The Place For Me
Lord Kitchener Lyrics

London is the place for me
London this lovely city
You can go to France or America,
India, Asia or Australia
But you must come back to London city
Well believe me I am speaking broadmindedly
I am glad to know my Mother Country
I have been travelling to countries years ago
But this is the place I wanted to know
London that is the place for me

To live in London you are really comfortable
Because the English people are very much sociable
They take you here and they take you there
And they make you feel like a millionaire
London that's the place for me

At night when you have nothing to do
You can take a walk down Shaftesbury Avenue
There you will laugh and talk and enjoy the breeze
And admire the beautiful scenery
Of London that's the place for me

Yes, I cannot complain of the time I have spent
I mean my life in London is really magnificent
I have every comfort and every sport
And my residence is Hampton Court
So London, that's the place for me

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Comments from YouTube:

Laila Miah

Who else is watching this in 2020 because of there teachers

Joanna Nicholls

sadly me



Aryaan Sahota


Jedi Osafo


Isaac Price-Walter


FeldMarschall Rommel

Im I the only one who didnt come here cause of Paddington?

Jedi Osafo

I'm here cos of my teachers


School brought me here... or should I say forced me here.

Anthony Economou

I'm here from studying of the Windrush Generation for uni 👍

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