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Lords Of The Crimson Alliance Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Dragonslayer' by these artists:

Battlelore Three feet of steel on my side Tool of fate my…
Dragony Living under shadows Beneath the wings of blackest night A c…
Iron Savior Just like a spider in the web with its flies Down…
Michael Card Michael Card The star lit wizards came to see Whom might t…
Mystic Circle With his armour sword and shield he walked through the night…
Sons Of Lioth Look up there Behold the great man standing bravely With h…

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Owen Wright

1. Firedancer - 0:00

2. Dragonslayer - 5:46

3. Swords of Zeus - 10:01

4. Death Crusade - 13:33

5. The Sorcerer - 17:30

6. The Dungeon - 23:42

7. In the Arms of Morpheus - 28:05

8. Clone of the Wolf - 31:58


All comments from YouTube:


This is amazing. I can’t believe this actually exists.

Amon O'kaison

I agree,like this is a very extremely rare gem and a pure masterpiece

Miguel Ramírez G.

"Firedancer" absolute winner, epic and majestic.


Doesn't get much better than this. Completely otherworldy archaistic Epic Metal.

brant gates

Was inspired to go look for some of my old cassettes in the garage, found this. Haven't heard it in around 30 years, but from the first note, it all came back!

Ra Pariah

The vocals are cult as fuck. Salem's Law, Cirith Ungol, G.I.S.M., Exorcist, Paul Chain, etc, all have some weird vocals but makes the band sound so damn unique. Hail!!!

Gilmara Silva

Judas Diamond
King Priest \m/

Filipe De Oliveira

Otherworldly mix of epic metal + mercyful fate and some psychedelic rock flavour

Lord Nurgle

Was lucky enough to get a Promotional vinyl of this off of this album!

David Ruiz

I have 😊

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