Los Furios Lyrics

Every single day you dig yourself deeper
Trying to be someone you're not.
Living out a lie you walk the fine line
Between who you are and someone you've bought.
El gringo me dijo que no, que no hablaba nada de espanol.
El gringo buscaba ser latino por un dia, una costumbre y cultura que el no conocia.
El gringo abandono sus creencias y raices por
Un cambio de vida que no le pertenecia, un cambio de vida que nadie le creia.

Oeo...Oooh...Oeo... (x2)
What did he say?
What does he know?
Wanna be a Latino.
What did he say?
What does he know?
What did he say?
That Gringo.
Oeo... Oooh.. Oeo...
What did he say?
What does he know?
What did he say?

Now you crossed the line wound up on the other side,
Found out that you don't belong.
You told so many lies that your stories compromised,
Same old thing the same old song.
Oye ven aca yo no quiero pelear pero deja la mentira que te van a buscar.
All they want to do is fight sin razon, gente que no piensa... discriminacion!!!
No mas ignorancia hoy, respeto por aqui y tolerancia por alla.
Descubre tus raices hoy, valor y orgullo que se dejen escuchar...


Escuchame mi broder you're never gonna change,
La sangre con que naces will always be the same.
Tu puedes pretender, te puedes enganar, acepta tus raices que nunca van a cambiar.
There's one thing you can't deny
You can't run, you cannot hide
Yo' white boy in disguise
No sense It's imbecile
A toda esa gente que le gusta pretender,
Like the music, the music, the music in the band
A toda esa gente que le gusta enganar,
And all this things you don't understand.
A toda esa gente que busca discriminar,
Some say two wrongs don't make it right.
Con lirica de oro los vamos a derrotar,
Some might say it's justified...


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Kamala Subba

Thanks Gringo 😊

rajan sarpal

Good one!

Ebony Man

This movie teaches a good lesson to all men. If you did not get it, watch the movie again.👍👌


Good Movie Thanks 4 Sharing .

طارق اللهيبي

فلم كاوبوي بعنوان (رجل كرامة وانتقام)من بطولة المع النجوم(فرانكونيرو)و(كلاوس كينسكي)الفلم جيدلكن هناك بعض الفقرات اوالمشاهدلم نفهمهابسبب عدم ترجمة الفلم لذااقترح ترجمة الافلام قبل عرضهاليتسنى للمشاهدمعرفة قصة واحداث الفلم..علمأان تصويروتسجيل الفلم واضح جدأاضافة الى ان الصوت جيدجدأ ..اشكرجهودكم وقناتكم الرائعة على رفدكم لي بأجمل افلام الكاوبوي علمأاني من هواة افلام الكاوبوي..اتمنى لكم ولقناتكم المفضلة دوام النجاح والفلاح والتوفيق..وتقبلواخالص تحياتي وفائق احترامي لكم ولقناتكم.

My Little Train BC

Nice movie, thanks for sharing

Grjngo - Western Movies

Glad you enjoyed it!

Ransom Tester

Good western movie thanks 🤠


All you SIMPS need to watch and pay close attention to this movie it’ll probably save y’all life 😂😂😂

Jeff Floyd

It already did

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