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Lost in Translation Lyrics

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What I found out is that the reason why this is my favourite movie is that it's more like an experience, rather than telling a story or focusing on drama or tension, like movies usually do. The atmosphere is so heavy and dream-like, the whole movie feels like a long, warm bath. Or some other more fitting analogy. The soundtrack is a huge part of that, and also the calm pace of the movie - it actually makes you feel like you're there with the characters, experiencing the same world as them.


I've looked at it closely many times and it very subtly shows it is a dream state; (two examples book end this theory: Bob waking up as he arrives in Tokyo and continues to literally drift thru the story and much later where the hotel residents have been evacuated in their pyjamas etc) we have two different realities; one can be seen as real and the other...

Ivano Forgione

just watched it again, I totally agree

Hussein Ali

Vojta K. well said


I was wondering (rather trying to verbalise) why I like this movie so much and then I read your comment. Thank you.

Summer Danner

+Vojta K. Couldn't have said it better

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Asian Shoegaze

This film is everything I have ever wanted to do, think, say or feel.




Parker ♥️

Asian Shoegaze

<3 <3 <3 <3 Lost in Translation is probably my favorite film, actually. It gets better with every re-watch. Can't find a flaw with it, really.

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