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by Louden Swain

The car is too tired
And I'm wide awake
My heartbeat's on fire
At an alarming rate
You won't believe me
When I tell you I'm fine
Desertion may be
My only crime

I waited in line
I paid the price
I took your advice
And now I'm alright

The car is too quiet
And I'm heading home
My friend says it's better
To not be alone
But I think my problem
Is the opposite of that
Then why am I racing
To get myself back?

I got off the track
Knife in my back
You saved my ass
And now I'm alright
Now I'm alright
Now I'm alright
I'm alright

The highway men at night, they see
A different kind of light than me
They never taught me
What pride is for
Just open the door, the door

It's a scary procedure
That I've got to make
My hands are still shaking
The decision's made
When you're not with me
I wish that you were
Just know that in my head
I'm still unsure
But I'm taking a turn
And I'm - I'm willing to learn
I'm willing to learn
I'm alright
I am alright
I'm alright

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