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a long time you waited
you thought it had abated
shame of it all
the harm that it causes
pours down like a faucet
shame of it all

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to "Shame" by Low seem to describe the feelings of a person who has long suffered from a sense of shame or guilt. The opening line suggests that this feeling has been present for a significant amount of time - perhaps years - and the second line reinforces this idea by implying that the person has been waiting for it to go away or lessen over time. However, unfortunately, it seems that the shame has not abated and is still present.

The chorus of the song takes a more graphic and intense approach. The image of harm pouring down like a faucet implies that the shame is not just a psychological feeling, but has tangible effects on the person's life. It could be that the person is experiencing negative consequences as a result of the shame they feel, such as depression or difficulty maintaining relationships. The fact that the singer characterizes these effects as "the shame of it all" suggests that they see the shame as the root cause of their problems.

Line by Line Meaning

a long time you waited
You have been holding onto this shame for a while now, waiting for it to go away on its own.

you thought it had abated
You hoped that the shame would fade away, but it has persisted.

shame of it all
The shame weighs heavily on you and is the root cause of many of your problems.

the harm that it causes
The shame has negative consequences and has affected your life in tangible ways.

pours down like a faucet
The constant flow of shame is overwhelming and difficult to manage.

shame of it all
The shame continues to be a significant burden and problem that you must confront and overcome.

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I was incarcerated back in '07, and I wrote their label Chairkickers to see what CD's they had available. Mimi wrote me personally, very kind. When I heard she passed, tears.


Rest in peace Mimi <3 You will be so dearly missed.


Dime quien es mimi? por favor


@@andresvalencia4837 la vocalista y baterista de la banda


@@whatareyoudoinghere7763 💔💔💔💔💔


I still can’t believe she’s no longer with us. RIP Mimi!!!


Rest in peace Mimi, thank you Low for the beautiful music!!


Mimi's voice was wonderfully moving and special. She will be deeply missed. Thank you for all the great music you gave us with this band. RIP


Wow just discovered her today. The day she leaves us. At least I found this music now ❤


It's never too late. You have an amazing journey ahead of you, through all their music.

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