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On the step you handed me
Pieces of the plan
At the gate you handed me
Pieces of the plan
Can I hold it for a week

Overall Meaning

or so?

The lyrics of Low's song The Plan talk about someone handing the singer pieces of a plan, both on a step and at a gate. The singer then asks if they can hold onto the plan for a week or so, indicating that they need time to consider what they've been given. The lyrics don't give any indication of what the plan might be or who the singer is, leaving the interpretation open to the listener.

The repetitive nature of the lyrics suggests a sense of urgency or importance to the plan - the singer is receiving pieces of it at two separate locations, indicating that it may be a complex or multi-faceted plan. The fact that the singer needs time to hold onto it also implies that the plan may require careful consideration or assessment before being acted upon.

Overall, the lyrics of The Plan leave a lot open to interpretation, but the mood and repetition of the words make it clear that whatever the plan is, it's important.

Line by Line Meaning

On the step you handed me
While we were standing on the doorstep, you gave me something important

Pieces of the plan
Pieces of information or instructions regarding a plan were given to me

At the gate you handed me
Later on, when we were leaving, you gave me more pieces of the plan

Can I hold it for a week
May I keep the pieces of the plan for one week, in order to properly understand and process them?

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