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by Lowkey

This is lowkizy, raping london city
Gotta make sure you understand

I'm an outlaw rappin' the streets
Every place in the south north west and the east
Forget a punchline, i break your mouth your jaw
And the rest of your teeth
Any other MCs about war can't second to me
I stand without flaws from my head to my feet
It sound raw when I wrestle the beat
What you acting proud for?
Me, you can never defeat
You can see me down the pound stores
Steppin outdoors just to get in a jeep
Got to murky mans splurting a van after i left him asleep
Like I said get you jaw broke quick and your torso split
On the mic, my people don't talk no shit

Stay rapping all night, while yours don't spit
I'm getting pissed of with these fool gays
Undermining Hip Hop from the UK
For that Blood I'll rep to the death
Blood i told you before man I'm better than blessed
Grew with the most roofless kids im a lost baby
Finaly using the gift that God gave me
I'm not crazy just deranged and insane

I came to explain the false state of the game
Many out changing for fame without making a name
My belly's aching with pain,
Any fater that hates and tryna' spit a verse of me
Get left looking like a circus freak
On hes knees screaming Mercy Please
And he ain't even heard me speak
I don't give a fuck whether your 15 or 33
Is all good, i make dopes look awkard

Tryna to step to this step, Left with a twisted surfer
Coming in the place leave a space where the door stood
Listen jokers you get dangled off the cliffs of Dover
Leave a undercover agents mission over

Im not a snake, but on the mic. I'm a viscious Cobra
Quick to expose a rapper with a bitch persona

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