All The Girls
Lucas Prata Lyrics

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (come on, come on!)
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah (yeah, yeah)

Hangin' out at Wet Willie's on Ocean Drive
Sippin' on a Brain Freeze watchin' the girls go by
I feel kinda lucky to live this life

Thanks to you, and every little thing ya do
I remember... all the girls on the concert scene
Wear their miniskirts and real tight jeans
All the girls that like to scream, sing "Yeah, yeah!" (yeah, yeah!)
All the girls from Miami Beach
City of Angels to NYC
No matter where I go, where would I be without all the girls?

Take it down

Chillin' out on Newport Beach
Everything reminds me of MTV
Cruisin' 'round with the top down, look around at the beautiful ladies!
Got the ponytail blondes, barely nothin' on, soakin' up the sun
Everyone, let's get it on!

Join the party in paradise
Together we'll be alright
Take a trip to a brand new world dedicated to all the girls

Writer(s): Prata-puig Rual Lucas, Metreyeon Daniel C, Vero Vincent M

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