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She's All I Need
Lucas Prata Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'She's All I Need' by these artists:

Bobby Brown Yeah! Eh yo this one I want to dedicate to me…

We have lyrics for these tracks by Lucas Prata:

And She Said Wa oh (Do you believe?) Wa oh (Do you believe?) I'm driving …
And She Said... Wa oh (Do you believe?) Wa oh (Do you believe?) I'm driving …
I Think I'm Falling in Love I think I'm falling in love I think I'm fallin baby…
Let's Get It On Day by day (day by day) Night by night (night by…
Love Of My Life Lucas: Remember the 1st conversation Both of our hearts r…
More Than Words Can Say Here I am at six o'clock in the morning Still thinking…
Never Be Alone I've waited a lifetime For someone like you to come along Yo…
Never Be Alone (Ballad Version I've waited a lifetime For someone like you to come along …
Never Be Alone (Valentin Radio I've waited a lifetime For someone like you to come along …
What's Your Name I can't forget the other day You smiled at me and…
You'll Never Be Alone I've waited a lifetime For someone like you to come along …

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Most interesting comments from YouTube:

The Royal Crowned Tiger

I feel so old, and feel like it's been eons ago.

Sighs breathes hard. :(

How did the early years go so fast ? and why did it go ?

I wish I could go back in the good old days.

I miss the good old days so much.

Wish I could go back in time, if I get stuck in my later teen years, and stayed at that age forever, I go with that, and stay with it.

I feel like the quality of life has hit rock bottom, or near it.

Unfortunately hard life today, but time only goes forwards and not backwards.

I guess life goes on, even when it's not good.

The Royal Crowned Tiger

I sure miss the good old days, from when I was very young.

My advice to you is, especially enjoy your early years, as we go through life just once, and life itself has a no refund policy / policies, so make the best of it, and don't let life's difficulties get you down.

I thought I live like that forever, happy, excited, having lots of fun, lots of friends, and so on, but only to find out the hard way that it's a limited time sort of a thing, and it will not last forever, bit by bit life can get harder, other times it hits you hard, and gets alot harder.

Don't live with the regrets I live with, not enjoying enough of the early years.

Enjoy the early years all you can, it don't last forever.

Hope the infos helps you, for the better.

The Royal Crowned Tiger

You've asked what's wrong with society, your answers are listed below.

I know for us older generations of kids, we grew up with it, and still love it.

But I have noticed songs like this just does not have the amount of popularity it had before, and over long time, seem to have lost its popularity.

I am going to say, here's why I think its lost its popularity : Us older generations of kids, are no longer in our teens and in 20's, so the excitement of life just gradually disappeared or is hidden, or exists in small amounts, with aging life gets alot harder and that means that much less time for fun time and excitements, while alot or most of the time is put into work.

The artists who created music aged too, they probably don't have the energy to make songs like this anymore.

When your young you are full of energy, when you get older, the energy gets reduced.

Also alot of the older generations of kids got married, some have kids, also there are those that pass away for various reasons and so on.

Also there don't seem to be alot of new generations of kids listening to songs like this, and they listen mainly to pop and other music that's not like this, so the popularity falls down in that way too.

Seems most of the newer generations of kids don't listen to this type of great music like us older generations of kids.

Generally people like to shame old or older things, including life styles, but I see things were generally better way back then, people say things get better as time goes onwards, I say that's not accurate for the most parts, I noticed that the newer generations of people today are care more about the bad stuff than the good stuff, but they will call the bad things good things, all based on my life experiences.

Society has changed so much since when I was a teen or in 20's and not always for the better.

BitterSweetAge : Me and the other kids of the older generations would like to thank you, and others like yourself, for listening to the great music we've listened to, grew up with, and enjoy it.

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Catelynn Marie

myspace memories <3


Summer of 06 in Long Island Suffolk county . That's all I think about when I hear this song !! =]


I know im late.... But even still.. same here... 06 long island.

Silvio The Wolf

I just said the same exact thing lol

Phil’s Chop Shop

I remember it! I’m from Long Island too.

Mallory Russo

Slytherin161 I’m originally from there too and you’re right. Lol. This video cracks me up though because how all the lyrics fit the scenes perfectly.

Terry Abecrombie

2018 i remember this song on my sweet 16 the show lol

The Royal Crowned Tiger

@mjelani723 : I live in North America.

The Royal Crowned Tiger

@mjelani723 I got the cd long time ago.

Back then Europe, and North America, was rocking to music like this.

I was told by a friend he said he believes he heard this song in Philippines, as it seems even the asians rock to music such as Lucas Prata.


That’s where it’s from!!!

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