Rondine al nido
Luciano Pavarotti Lyrics

Sotto la gronda della torre antica
Una rondine amica,
Allo sbocciar del mandorlo é tornata.
Ritorna tutti gli anni,
Sempre alla stessa data;
Monti e mare essa varca per tornar.
Solo amore
Quando fugge e va lontano
Speri in vano e non torni piú.
Nella penombra dolce della sera
passa la primavera.
Cinguettano le rondini nel volo,
Ebbre di luce e d'aria.
Ed io son triste e solo;
Monti e mare tu non varchi per tornar.
Mia piccina, fosti tutta la mia vita;
Sei fuggita e non torni piú.

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Alexandre Le Garrec

Sotto la gronda
Della torre antica
Una rondine amica
Allo sbocciar del mandorlo è tornata
Ritorna tutti gli anni
Sempre alla stessa data
Monti e mari scavalca
Per tornar
La sola vole
Quando fugge va lontano
Spero invano e non torni più
Spero invano e non torni più
Nella penombra
Dolce della sera
Passa la primavera
Cinguettano le rondini nel volo
Febbre di luce ed aria
Ed io son triste e solo
Monti e mari tu non varchi
Per tornar
Mia piccina
Fosti tutta la mia vita
Sei fuggita e non torni più
Sei fuggita e non torni più!

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Aardvark Ratnick

I cannot listen to this song, because when I do I get so emotional that I start to cry. The beauty of the Maestro's voice overwhelms me. Even as I write this, tears are coming to my eyes just thinking about it. By the end I'm sobbing. I miss him so much.

Lukas S

Anyone came from Voyager?

Thom S

Ha, I didn't even finish the episode, within the first few moments of the song I was googling!!

Kerami Roberts

Hahaha! Yeah!

belial noctem

Beautiful piece


@Elizabeth Charles my Italy ❤️

Cemil Karakuş

Within the moment i finished the episode 😅

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Laura Rojas

It saddens me a little to think that many people nowadays look down at opera as too "old fashioned" or think of it as music only "snobby" people listen to.
I may be considered the least snobby person, especially to those who know me. I don't care where a purse, shoe, article of clothing or piece of technology come from and what brand name it is. It's functionality and ability for endurance matters more than it's name or price tag to me.
But music like this demands to be appreciated. His voice truly is superb. To think there are in fact many who wouldn't give it the time of day is just absurd.

Francesco Bertaccini

Laura you're right consider we are living the worse time for humanity's heart.Where are all love and heart gone?

Gianni B.

Thank you very much for appreciating Opera. I am Italian and I could sing as a tenor in an amateur Opera choir. Anyway the song "Rondine al nido"sang by Pavarotti is not an aria from an Opera but a classical italian song.

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