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margaret phipps

what I think is amazing is that no matter what language you speak or who you are or where you're from, this song is the same song and creates the same effect on every person. idk that just fascinates me :)

S Allan

PARAPPA THE rapper practice

Future Trunks

maybe not even the same effect. Take some thug on the street, you have him listen to this for 5 seconds and he gets angered because the song personifies aspects of humanity and the thug is lacking those aspects so he creates a barrier and his response is anger and ignorance.

Rosa Rot

+maggie phipps interesting thought :3

Mertcan Olcer

+maggie phipps Maybe the same effect, but not the same story. This is what i love about this song.


I'm always a bit tentative to listen to "new" music from Ludovico (whom I call Ludiva), but I don't understand why because this song is absolutely beautiful and definitely one of my new favorites.

Puneet Kejriwal

the genius of this piece is that it can express unthinkable pain as well as inexpressible joy.. depends on how you imagine it.


an absolutely great song to test speakers out with! the deep growl of the cello, the clear tones from the piano, a great musical piece indeed.

Tomislav Kedveš

when i listen this i fell happy,love and respect :)

Chris Catena Fernández

this song it's a trip!

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