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zineuub bel

I could watch this man play all day, everyday, for the rest of my life and never grow tired of a single note.

Mateo Duke

@Decker Bentlee Instablaster ;)

Decker Bentlee

i know Im asking the wrong place but does anyone know of a way to log back into an instagram account..?
I was dumb forgot the account password. I love any tricks you can give me.

Nik Red



Very romantic, but in actuality eventually you would ;)

Igor Cicala

@Melchior Tod it's JUST your experience. I could tell you, Einaudi's Musis is the best thing that happened to me. Einaudi's Music is a reason to live ;)

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My wife gave birth to premature twins almost a month ago. They finally came home. I was feeding the boy and my wife had this playing on the iPod. Now, normally I'm an emotional tank, but in this moment in the early hours, for the first time in perhaps years, I was truly overcome. I am a Chopin man, but Chopin never made me cry like that. That moment will see me to the end. Thank God for music like this.


Was with my newborn son the other day feeding him and yup, here comes the tears. This music is so powerful

OG Nitr0

I came on here to enjoy the song but this comment and these replies are so wholesome

D Berube

I am a Chopin lady but, I , too, find Ludivico's music very moving.

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