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It's a masterpiece. It's ginving me wildness, happiness, sadness, love, anger and it feels like I'm free. It's like the life in 6 minutes. 🌱

Edit: If you read this you will have a great day because you are probably listened this music.😉❤️

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Ricky Johnson

Seven years... It took me seven years to find this song. Now can't stop listening to it everyday.


Семь лет, так долго, но того стоит



Hein Korbee

I looked for 'epic violin song Tiktok'

Different points of views

Durch sieben dunkle Jahre musst du gehn😄 (From a famous german song)
You have to go thru 7 bad years ( translation)
I am happy, you found it!

Dot Connector

Fuck! I hope it doesn't take another seven years to find your significan other!

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Life with riklasse

No lyrics
No words
But his music talks silently about your life
Your joy, your fear, your unhappiness, your hope.....Everything is in there

R -


Constanza Paipa




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