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Crying over this song
Just to know that someone can be there for a second and be gone the next
Just a bright light, and unlimited nothingness surrounding you,
All of this to be alone forever
Just to have so much stress to kill yourself, your heart racing, just to stop as you hit the ground and sit forever with the sun, just the sun.
Just everything happens in life, just to be gone, all of it to a stop
Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Tears, Joy
All gone
Just to see them jump off, knowing you weren't fast enough. What could I have done better? What if I spoke more enthusiastically, where did it all go wrong??

You build a nation with your friend, to fight for your independence just to be betrayed by your trusted, blowing up your nation.
Than your friend becomes President, thinking nothing could go wrong, they get corrupt of power and exile you.
Leaving you with the enemy since the start, as they manipulate you, your mental health begins to deteriorate to the point where you want to kill yourself.
Than, a light comes, your eldest brother, he provides you with items and food. Not knowing he is in pain too, you betray him and join the nation that exiled you, leaving your brother alone again.
As he begins to rant about his feelings to you a brick of guilt hits you, what have I done?
Than he lets out his feelings, destroying the nation you built with your bare hands, just to be gone. The only thing keeping you from suicide and insanity, gone.


But at the same time, I feel selfish, just selfish..
It all happened so fast, can I go back??

(Thats my only explanation about the Dream SMP in one paragraph that I know about.)
I'm not suicidal but I cant believe people kill themselves :sob:


A short story for "The Experience."

You reluctantly agree to accompany your best friend to an impromptu summer party in the woods. You travel down a winding dirt road as lanterns illuminate a winding path. The anticipation builds until you both come upon a beautiful old castle hidden deep within the woods. As if existing only in moonlight, the structure looks mystic, holding secrets of the past and future. The double doors open, a symphony of laughter and exuberant melodies fill the night air. In the doorway stands the host, handsome yet welcomingly approachable, as if waiting for you to arrive.

He leads you both to a grand ballroom where the attendees revel with the spirit of Dionysus and are seemingly forever entranced in celebration. The host asks you to dance, and your friend grins and gives the barely imperceivable nod of approval, recognized only by true friendship.

The host whisks you to the center of the room, refusing to break eye contact. Telling you their name, you struggle to remember yours. As they hold your hand, guiding you swiftly yet effortless across the floor, your heart races. Your mind, moving faster than your heart, tells you a story of the future. After many dances, eloquent quips made at your attempts of wit, they ask you to take a walk with them into the night. Your mind has spoken, so your body follows.

You both breathe in the moment, walking first then running. The road's lanterns are no longer visible, but the moon sparkles brilliantly on their skin. Their skin feels cool to the touch and is welcoming to the elevating inferno within you. Their words are alluring as the summer night. You are motivated to be an explorer of experience. Serendipity is this moment. You lose track of time, and you realize that the moon is indeed vulnerable and fleeting.

As the sun peaks through the dew-drenched leaves, the host tells you of their attachments and obligations. An impending nuptial makes you forget how to breathe. They are engaged. You instantly feel the coolness that you will forever associate with their skin, this night, and this experience. The numbing cool finally burns as the tears cover your face. How could you feel so betrayed by someone you don't know? Their apology goes unacknowledged. You can't take back what was done, so you cry with the song of the morning birds. You cry for who you were, for the experience.

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