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Le Onde
Ludovico Einaudi Lyrics

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Ewon's Old Vids

In my opinion, he is the best and most emotional composer ever. I absolutely adore all his music. He is the reason I started playing piano and is an absolute inspiration to me

Ewon's Old Vids

@Alek Zajda Hey man starting out early means you'll get there if you keep at it. Thankfully none of Einaudi's music is too too difficult so you should be able to get it down pretty quickly. Just keep practicing and you'll have it down in no time

Alek Zajda

I'm learning this piece and it's the first one I'm learning that isn't a grade piece.
I listened to this and I loved all the passion that this contains.
I immediately knew I wanted to learn this.
I definitely don't regret choosing this piece one bit!!
I hope that someday I'll be even half as good of a pianist as Einaudi is.(I'm only 10 so I have a long path ahead of me!)

Marius Desu

agree, his and Yiruma's music feels bare and unconstrained, without anything unnecessary. I would have wished that my music teacher taugh his composition, would have taken my lessons more seriously.

Ioana Antal

Ryu not true. A lot more people are familiar with Chopin and i think we should not compare pianists that creat such art, they all touch our soul in different ways:)

the witcher

He is the reason why I started to play the piano with passion.

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Simplicity at its finest. Not many people appreciate that minimalism can be beautiful too. Ludovico gets a lot of flak from classical pianists, but he's an excellent composer.

John McCrea

"not many people....................too" one forgets how many tools are out there hehe!!

Michael Smith

Agreed sir.

Mattt G

All pioneers get a hard time, because what they are doing touches on revolution. Stunning playing, hits our emotive selves.

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