Ludovico Einaudi Lyrics

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Nefeli K.

My name is Nefeli and I just love this song.

Razan Al-Hadid

Lol my name is Razan and I adore this piece

Thomas D

My name is Thomas and I just love this song to :-).

Imaan Sharifi

My name is Imaan and i still love this song 😁


we have the same surname in different languages but language is not an obstacle to me :) and im falling in love with this music


I cant read music or play any other song but this on the piano. I came across it and just felt I had to learn it, so i watched how people played it with their hands from videos on youtube and about a week later I could play it.

robert willis

Respect..Have u ever taken a class?

stewart fearn

You can get all snobbish about Einaudi's unchallenging simplicity, actually a simple melody is harder to conceive than most of the technical crap beloved of modern composers.


@michel-philippe Lehaire You're a bit mawkish

lps spirit wolf

i mean i like both old and new slow and fast more fight kinda song and super peacefule but theres a few songs that are just ... no no no just no like death metal or something idek why im wrighting this

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