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Mike van Holsteijn

YouTube should add a feature, so that people who dislike a video have to say why in the comments. Because I'm really wondering why any human being would dislike this video in their right mind...
Because this is art.

Piraru 45

jeah stupid

Nik Red

@Simon Wright agree wit u

Simon Wright

I love this guy’s stuff. All of it is very upbeat but emotive at the same time. A rare combination but he executes it beautifully.

Simon Wright

No need because we all know they are sad idiots who just like to spread their misery around social media because it’s easy and they don’t have to justify it. “Keyboard warriors” is a fitting term I heard them called once. The irony is the YouTube algorithm does not differentiate between thumbs ups and thumbs downs - it just sees both as engagement, and the more engagement a video has, the higher it ranks in searches. It is actually more damaging to a video’s ranking if someone starts watching but they don’t watch it to the end without leaving a comment or a thumbs up or down.

caitlyn _

@Erik Lawrence you seem the type to not appreciate the true works of art that is proper classical music

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If I was a piano I'd want to be in this guy's living room.

Sylvia Antomas

The two most important days in your life. The day you were born and the day you find out why.

Marcus Mitchell


Arabian Nights

good luck with #2

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