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Des, les premières notes...
Des frissons, des images défilent dans la tête...
De mes ex, âmes sœurs qui ont fait l'homme que je suis aujourd'hui...
MERCI, MONSIEUR, pour cette romantique ballade avec vos doigts légers...
Et, oui applaudissements oh, combien mérités..
Et, puis l'émotion du live...
Wahoooooo 👌👍🙏
À écouter, re-écouter sans modération...
Simplement, fermer les yeux.. Et, se laisser porter..
Comme en son temps, un certain Clayderman..


Ludovico and his music is the sole reason I play the piano. He is such an amazing person; to have the ability to elicit such emotion and to inspire myself and countless others is a sublime trait to have.

I have tried to convey this gratitude on the odd occasion that I have met him, but words can never do the love I have for him justice.

Just one example of his amazing heart..... I waited to meet him after a concert in Munich back in March just gone. Freezing snow and sleet meant that I was by myself in wanting a photo and autograph. When he came out, and instead of running for the cover in his taxi he brought be back inside so that he could sign my piano score properly. We had such an amazing chat, much to annoyance of his driver who was eager to leave. Instead of listening to him, he made him take a photo of us together :lol:. Ludovico was such a gentleman. He didn't have to do that, nor did he have to take interest in my music. He was genuinely flattered and humbled when I showed him my 1st performance on stage playing Underwood and Low mist. Those words of encouragement will live with me forever. 10mins was all it took for him to literally make my dreams come true.

People often say, don't meet your heroes. They never live up to your expectations, but I can honestly say that this man is not like any other. He is without doubt one of the most beautiful human beings ever!

As you can probably tell, I am just a little bit infatuated with him. Luckily, my wife understands that LOL

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He didn't write music.. he wrote emotions ❤️


yes agree....something like that ;)




Music IS emotion.


That’s kinda what music is so...


Yh and not a lot of ppl can do that

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“To play a wrong note is insignificant; to play without passion is inexcusable.”

― Ludwig van Beethoven


thats amazing quote thanks for sharing


I love that quote! Thank you. I needed to hear that.


Bro this quote😨

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