Nuvole Bianche
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I learned to play this by breaking it down into sections and drilling one section a day for several hours, or until I was confident.
* Here's my method: *
Section 1 = 0:03 - 0:32
Section 2 = 0:33 - 0:56
Section 3 = 0:57 - 1:21
Section 4 = 1:22 - 1:47
Section 5 = 1:48 - 2:14
Section 6 = 2:15 - 2:59
Section 7 = 3:00 - 3:28
Repeat sections 1 - 7
(Finale) Section 8 = 5:42 - 6:17
I really hope this helps someone! Good luck!


As the white clouds roll across the heavens, the mind wanders deep in thought.

As the white clouds roll across the infinite sky, our mind serve us memories of times past.

As the white clouds roll across your eyes, you start dreaming of a forest meadow where you can lay down and forget.

As the white clouds roll across, you slowly begin to realize that everything isn't as bad as you once thought it to be.

Never lose hope. Never lose sight of what is important to you. Never forget that you are NOT alone in this world and all you need to do is reach out

Writer: Me (came up with it whilst listening to this song)

Ophelia Granger

@Marlen Raimkulov it’s alright!
You’ll improve on English :)
If you don’t mind, here are a few things to remember:
1. “i” is big. Examples: “I heard she was amazing, I can’t wait to see her concert!”
“I heard you fell off the stairs yesterday, are you okay?”
2. “He, she, it an ‘s’ comes with!”
Basically in verbs specifically referring to she/he or it, you add an ‘s’
However, this only applies to those specific pronouns, not others :)
“She eats”
“He sleeps”
“It drinks”
3. Difference of they’re, their and there
“They’re” is the shorter version of “they are”, it holds the same meaning.
“Their” could be plural and singular. I don’t really know how to explain it, but here are some examples:
“Did you see their concert?”
“Was their dog alright?”
And lastly, “there”. “There” is a specific place, basically like pointing to a place.
“Oh!! Look over there! A rare bird!”
-“Were you once in Paris?”
“Oh yes, I was there”
I hope you somewhat understood this, and even if it didn’t help, that’s fine, I barely even know what I’m typing at this point. I hope you have a nice day/night, stay safe :)


I will learn to play this. Whether it take a month a year or 10. I will come back to this comment when I am done.

Edit: Thursday 18th June 2020

Wow. I am quite emotional right now as I have just for the first time finished playing the whole piece start to finish. The support from this comment has been so overwhelming and touching. I had just posted this comment as an individual reminder to make sure I follow through with my dream of being able to play this magnificent piece so you can imagine my shock when I saw the response. I never forgot about this comment as some may have thought and the combined support from everyone really helped me make that dream a reality. So to everyone that commented or liked - Thank You.

I think you all deserve an explanation of how my journey went so here it goes right from the start:

I am 19 and a complete novice pianist. I have had no experience with any musical instrument and have no knowledge of any music theory. Whilst studying for exams 2 years ago I stumbled upon classical music and gradually started to fall for the beauty found within a piano. By listening to Rousseau I would constantly listen to 3 of his covers. Für Elise, River Flows in You and Nuvuole Bianche. I wished I could play all of them but they all seemed so difficult. A few months later I, quite randomly, decided to play the piano in my house that I hadn't touched in years. After messing around for a while I remembered the dream I had to be able to play the Piano, even if it was just one piece. So I started to learn Für Elise. At the start it was difficult but gradually I learnt and got better. All the knowledge I gained was from YouTube tutorials and it took me a few weeks before I could properly play Für Elise (without all the hard parts of course). Once I had learned to play Für Elise I had enough confidence to start leanring River Flows in You. I spent months learning and refining my skills till again I had managed it. Then there was Nuvuole Bianche. I still dreamt of being able to play it but watching Rousseau's hands fly over the notes just made it seem like this piece was out of my capability. Fast forward a few more months and I was heading off to university. I did not have access to a piano when I was at university however it was within those first few weeks there that I posted this comment. I still wanted to learn this piece but I set myself a reminder so that I wouldn't forget when I went back home. Over the 2019 Christmas break I learned the first 30 seconds of the piece then went back to University. Then, as we all know, the Coronavirus hit. In late March I was sent home for the rest of the semester. I truly do believe that every cloud has a silver lining and so the silver lining in my case was that although the world seemed to be falling apart I was able to complete my mission to learn Nuvuole Bianche. So little by little I learnt. I am a perfectionist at heart so I wouldn't move on till I had mastered the bit I was leaning. I won't lie and say I spent hours every day learning because I didn't. I could have learnt the piece faster and I could have put more time every day but it turns out that the journey to mastering it was just as satisfying as the end result.

To anyone who is thinking of learning this piece - just do it. You will ready many comments saying how easy this piece is whereas if you are anything like me you may think the opposite. Believe that you can do it and go for it. I hope this story can inspire maybe just one person to learn this piece or maybe to pursue something you have been putting off but have dreamt of being able to do. Anyway I have written way to much so I will end by saying


Sara Fejzullahu

I really wanna learn this song! I love it and always when I hear this, i feel this feeling of 'you're save here' and if I can play this song I would give this feeling to others. I started practicing this song for 2 weeks now and I'm at 53 seconds. I wanna learn it very slow and without much stress. Thats a thing that will help y'all learning. Never give up and learn a part for a week and practice that part and the next week you learn an other part and learn them together. Anyways, I'll give you an update every month.
Today, October 3th:
Till second 53

November 3th:

December, 3th:

January, 3th:

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Nuvole Bianche... in English "White Clouds", the title fits Ludovico's composition so well, tranquil, calm, effortless, floating. Ludovico receives a lot of negativity from the classical world due to his simplicity, though I think the simplicity of his work is also the beauty of his work. It's not trying too hard to evoke complex emotions or challenge audiences, it's creating a canvas for you to get lost in your own thoughts, and I think everyone needs a little bit of that sometimes. Hope you have an excellent Monday.

Mark Kester

Do you have any tutorial of this??

Nano Fate

Not sure where simplicity is supposed to be bad. If memory serves, Beethoven's 5th was literally repeating 4 notes in different ways.

Fred Kun

Simplicity is what makes us perfect in a sense. Sometimes the most simple things can hold so many deep meanings. Sometimes the most simple thing is hard to understand. Tbh everyone has different taste, we should learn to respect that. His music personally touched my soul. I can hear this music play in an orchestra of my imagination and it's great.


That's such a beautiful and perfect description

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Gavin Schmidt

I love this song so much, but I can’t listen to it for more than a couple seconds before I start crying. I’m 15 now, but when I was 11 I remember my mother would play this piece and it was always my favorite. Unfortunately, for my 12th birthday my parents were on their way home buying an old record player for my birthday when they were both struck and killed by a drunk driver. Hearing this song gives me a feeling that my parents are sitting by me and my mother is playing this song. It’s amazing how powerful music is the bring back such vivid memories. I love this song so much and it bring me great memories, but also memories of my 12th birthday. The record player by parents got me survived the crash. Besides a crack on the top right and the lid broke off it still works. I haven’t been able to find a vinyl copy of this song, but if anyone can find one please let me know. I want it so my parents in heaven can see how much i appreciate them, their gift, and how much I love them. I pray for them everyday and hope they are listening. I even pray for the man that hit them because I couldn’t imagine how hard it is for him to live with himself after what he did. If I could ever be able to talk to him I would forgive him and I’m sure my parents would look down and support me because my parents always told me “Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future”. I didn’t really expect to write all this in a youtube comment, but I guess there’s my story.


From now on every time i listen this Song i remind you🧡✨

Ioan Tofan


SRQ Beach Girl

Gavin thank you so much for sharing your memories and what is in your heart! I am sorry for your loss and my heart goes out to you! Yes, it is so difficult to forgive especially when so much was taken away from you. I am glad that in your heart you have done this and be sure this man surely needs your prayers. May God Bless You !

Tomas Achaval


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