Questa Notte
Ludovico Einaudi Lyrics

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You can play this song at full speed or you can have a functioning wrist. It's your choice 😂 (I remember playing this at a concert once and the audience laughed when I shook my hand out at the end 😂😂)


@Chalice1017 which sonata


Nooo it can’t be played slowly - the pain is worth it! :-) I think I have permenant RSI in my right wrist from a Beethoven sonata - worth it!!!

MultiFandom HamHam

I play this song slowly so I don't end up with carpel tunnel. lol

James Bearss

How I feel after I listen to this: "Oh God, it's beautiful". How I feel after I play this myself: "OH GOD MY HANDS"

Ray Finkle

Just magical !! Lights off headphones on in another world .. a better world

Gustav Melin

i can play this song but not really that good. When i hear him playing it i just want to play it 1000 times so i can play like him. Wow! even if i have heard this song 100 times i never get bored of it when he plays it.

j lo

Beautiful. Something heartbreaking about this

Nico Wagner

Sometimes handbreaking too when you play it


This piece is so compelling I actually clicked the like button. I never do that.

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