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This is what I love about music. 100 different people can listen to this and feel 100 different emotions. Sadness. Hope. Despair. Relaxation. Content. Contemplation. Desire. Grief. Nobody in the world can tell you what you should feel when you listen to this, or any other song, regardless the genre. To me it's the greatest art form on the planet.

Luna Goodhart

Make that 8 years. Great comment. No doubt a great person.

Chechan Revolution

Beautifully said.....and after 7 years it is still the same.


I am feeling quite down right now, as I just lost the person I love. And this song pretty much sums it all up. No words need said really, this is my feeling. And now to put this on repeat.

jenni p.

how very beautiful this piece is and how simple it is held at the same time.. touches my soul so very deeply


Ludovico, Your music is the very sound that God made when creating the Universe. You cause me to weep. Maestro


By far one of the most emotional pieces I've ever heard.


When I'm working a morning shift,first thing I do is play this as loud as possible on the pubs sound system....makes me forget myself,who I am and who I want to be...
It moves me,excites me and brings tears to both my eyes,and my soul.

Olivia Knight

Yes!! Divinire does this me❤❤❤


I believe this piece of music is a medicine. Just came from a hectic day at office and am listening to this...first time...feels so good..divine

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