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I am consumed by the sheer beauty and brilliance of his music!  Einaudi will live forever among the ranks of the finest musical minds our world has ever known!  I feel something so divine and soulful in every note.  A man such as Ludovico is a rare and intensely special person!   Thank you for your gifts and for filling my lonely hurting heart with the beauty of your music.  You help me survive each and every day.  Much love and respect!


By far one of the most emotional pieces I've ever heard.


I believe this piece of music is a medicine. Just came from a hectic day at office and am listening to this...first time...feels so good..divine


شريط الحياة بكامله يمر أمام عيني 😢


Powerful, underrated Einaudi piece.


This is so pure, so perfect. A total heartbreaker if you ask me.


I am feeling quite down right now, as I just lost the person I love. And this song pretty much sums it all up. No words need said really, this is my feeling. And now to put this on repeat.


I hope you found something or someone who provides you with calm and serenity.


A gift from god and he ain't wasteing it away like a lot of people do.


Thanks God ther're still some Italians who are appreciated in the foreign countries for the love they put into doing things...Keep high our flag...no Silvio,not you...

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