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Elements Photography By Josh Gamez

Afuera esta lloviendo
Puedo ver las gotas correr a lo largo de la ventana
Y siento esa nostalgia que me provoca el hecho de que ya no estas aquí
Pero tu recuerdo sigue aquí presente en cada poro de mi piel.

No me quejo, tuve una buena vida
Te conoci...
Y siento nostalgia también por los que no tuvieron esa fortuna
Y con el pasar de los años no hubo quien dejase huella en ellos.
si para es mi es difícil no extrañar tu sonrisa, y ese gesto tuyo que delata tu enojo.

Y como olvidar la vez que bajo la lluvia nos dimos el mas grande de los besos,
O como cuando tus padres casi nos descubren al hacer el amor,
No , no tengo queja de mi vida fuiste, eres, y serás las mas grande de mis dichas
Y se que algún día volveremos a estar juntos , en otra vida, en otro tiempo como hasta hoy …..solo soñé.
josue gamez

***se me ocurrio mientras escuchaba la musica . leanlo pausado.


The Fire withers but looms,
watching my every step.

Adapting in ways beyond comprehension
Every emotion is my enemy
Every enemy is my greatest friend

At times I subdue
Losing control over a force I never understood or perceived to be.

My headache grows stronger and my willpower is overcome.

In this vague period, I am numb and unable.
Conflicted with a pain all of mankind must endure

But then, I wake.
I rise,
I learn.

I yearn for life,
I yearn to live

all makes sense again

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I never listened to piano or classical music ever. Other than mass. Then one day during a deep depression I came across Fly. Then iGiorni. Then Divenire. That was 3 years ago today. Back then I would empty my soul to it. Cry and Cry and just listen, numb. Now, I listen when Im reading. Or cleaning. Or its just late evening and my soul is resting. It has moved with me through my healing. It has moved my healing. It has healed me. I am forever grateful to a man who will never know his music saved my life. And helps it stay in the present and moving now .... just like nature and life! It goes on.


Just close your eyes, feel it ... there’s a lot more in this life, there is a beautiful life behind the life we all know, is in yourself, your heart, your mind, the whole universe connected. Release all the things you don’t need and star enjoying the journey of this unique experience. We have only one chance, one life. To discover, to dream, to travel and know ourselves....

Jack Goffin

Hear you !

Lucas Abrantes



you are not alone.in suffering its what i tell myelf so Whit you are not alone. am here with you!


Wow. Your comment brought a tear to my eye. Mainly because I'm 5 months into a similar journey you started 3 years ago. It's nice to hear things got better for you <3.

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Que grande Ludovico. Su música y su piano son poemas del infinito a los oídos. En sus creaciones el universo se acerca no con palabras sino con vibraciones a la humanidad. Muchas Gracias desde Paraguay a este gran creador por su arte!!!


I found his music by accident. Maybe it was no accident. All I know is this music moves something deep inside of me and helps me heal from the inside out. Thank you, Ludovico Einaudi for this gift to all of us.

Gracia Elena Mar Alvarez

I think it was no accident , God is talking to us!

Laura Laine

Same, I believe it was no accident, that we both stumbled upon this gift of music!

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