Moonlight Sonata
Ludwig van Beethoven Lyrics

Camper Van Beethoven
Camper Van Beethoven
We Love You
Allah u'akbar
Hare krishna
Praise the lord
And merry christmas
Aw, praise (beatrice)
And hare krishna
Aw, merry krishna
Aw, allah u'akbar

In the interest of democracy repressive action were taken
In order to preserve democracy, repressive action were taken
Well we went down to georgia, we were looking for some fun
Instead we met the devil with a fiddle and a gun
And he said i'm the baddest fiddler anywhere in the land
And when he proved it to us, well, we let him join the band
And he said

Well, the devil he don't have the bomb
And the devil he don't have a gun
The devil hasn't got a car
And the devil he can't play guitar

Dl: rain cloud, moving red, a piece of a galaxy
J: air enormous disgusting parts of a moon
V: babbling babbling landing color of blue white [blah blah] velvet
Dl: what's that? good [blah], a dull new land
J: a horrifying glad magnificent star babbling daphnia, a pulsing
V: a magnificent yellow speculation of velvet light a token rain cloud babbling (woofy)
Dl: a token velvet good. new land
J: [blah blah]
D: a new land

Writer(s): Simon Mulligan, Louis Knatchbull, Jin Suk Song, Beethoven, Paul John Shaw, Olivier Toussaint, David Victor Rogers, Salesses Gerard Roger Serge, Ludwig van Beethoven, Claude Foisy, Donald Gallacher, Keith Blainville Copyright: G. Schirmer Inc. O.B.O. Cutting Edge (Publishing) Ltd., Atmosphere Music Ltd., Musiccube Inc., Jack Russell Music, Delphine Editions, Fox Film Music Corporation, Orange Sky Music Ltd., Supraphon Record Library, Crml Limited, Chappell Recorded Music Library, Focus Music Publishing Ltd.

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zara mayne

Andre Antunes
. EXACTLY me neither ,someone tried to convince me that it's the Algorithms
applying themselves, if that was the case ( and which I've checked ,) why no other Beethoven
sites of equally ,if not more important works
of Beethoven and famous artists and orchestras playing them .it just does not make sense to me !!
Plus this is an old video 2010..and I was NOT prompted to arrive here ,by utube or any other person
I just hadn't slept well that night i awoke ,thought of a peaceful piece
of Beethoven Moonlight Sonata to sooth me and searched ..there were a few choices,
of which one to listen to, and I chose randomly and with not too much
analysis chose this version on Andrea Romano's site...

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Imagine being so influencial your music from the 1800s is on YouTube with 150,000,000 views.

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Bro are you a youtuber?



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Now it's 169 Mil. Nice

I can’t come up with a good username

If i was Beethoven I would be wondering what’s Youtube?


waiting for 420

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The German Sturmmann

He looks like that waiter when you don’t know what to order

Bak Lava

Haha I can’t unsee it


@Sonso fun fact: n't is a dead meme.

sr crazy

lmaon't lol de lmfao @sonso

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