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Pathetique Movement
Ludwig van Beethoven Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by Ludwig van Beethoven:

9th Symphony Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium, wir bet…
Moonlight Sonata Camper Van Beethoven Camper Van Beethoven We Love You All…
Presto Freude, schöner Götterfunken, Tochter aus Elysium, wir bet…
String Quartet in A major Kimi no te de kirisaite Omoi hi no kioku wo Kanashimi no…
String Quartet in A major Op. 18 No. 5: III. Andante cantabile Kimi no te de kirisaite Omoi hi no kioku wo Kanashimi no…
Symphony No. 2 in D Major I saw you standing on the corner You looked so big…

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Comments from YouTube:


Hello! Last video, lots of people want me to play Pathétique sonata by Beethoven. So, I prepared 2nd movement for Pathétique sonata. I am sorry for late upload, I had to solve copyright problem. I want you to enjoy this piece. Always leave comments which you want to listen to. I check them to make schedule. Thank you! Have a good weekend!

Bodie Maxwell


🎒Study With Me 📚



@김윤우 한국인 여기요!! 저도 똒같은 생각을,...... 했어요 진짜 대단한데.. ㅠ

Jim Luebke

You know, when you play this movement as a stand-alone piece, you can let it sing out when it goes to triplets. You can pump a lot more emotion through it when it's not programmatically necessary to have some breathing space between the gravity of the first movement and the briskness of the third.


@김윤우 인 구 차 이

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Karoline Kirchhoff

my grandpa used to play this for my grandma every day but after his stroke he couldn’t play piano anymore. She told me this a few weeks ago and now I want to learn this piece, so I can play it for my grandma on her birthday as remembrance to her deceased husband.

Delo Farag

Wish your fam the best!

Seth Wilhelm

Be glad your grandpa didn't play Chopin to your grandma.

Rio de Gatos

Well did you ever learn it?

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