Symphony No. 2 in D Major
Ludwig van Beethoven Lyrics

I saw you standing on the corner
You looked so big and fine
I really wanted to go out with you
So when you smiled
I laid my heart on the line

You read me my rights
And then you said: "Let's go"
And nothing more
I thought of my nights
And how they were
They were filled with -

I know you wouldn't go
You'd watch my heart burst
Then you'd step in
I had to know
So I asked
You just had to laugh

We sat in the night
With my hands cuffed
At my side
I looked at your life
And your style
Wanted nothing more

I know you wouldn't go
You'd watch my heart burst
Then you'd step in
I had to know
So I asked
You just had to laugh

Walking the line
You were a marksman
Told me that law
Like wine is ageless
Public - defender
You had to admit
You wanted the love
Of a sex offender

I know you wouldn't go
You'd watch my heart burst
Then you'd step in
I had to know
So I asked
You just had to laugh

My vision in blue
I call you from
Inside my cell
And in the trial
You are there
With your badge
And rubber boots

I think all the time
How I'm going to
Perpetrate love with you
And when I get out
There's no doubt
I'll be sex-offensive to you


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Most interesting comment from YouTube:

Sam 2323

9:00-10:15 (basically the entire dang coda) (also, 9:00 uses diminution, and 9:22 is badass)

18:54-19:33 (same thing but in dominant key)

22:11 (jokes lmao)

24:40- 25:08 (especially 24:54)
25:45 Clever use of material. 25:51 too. Both motifs are from 23:56
27:11- 27:37
29:01-30:08 (basically the entire coda again lol)

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Strigers 800

If someone doesn't quite understand the Eric and 140 decibels jokes, I'll explain:
There's this wiki page about a fictional (or that's what I want to think) organization called SCP, which contains any ideas, objects or living beings with certain elements, abilities and powers, either explained by science, or straight paranormal. Well, one of them is called SCP 066, a strange yarn that has the form of an egg with eyes which has the ability to play songs by itself, but after an experiment gone wrong he became pretty hostile, occasionally blasting this song in 140 decibels leaving you deaf or dead. When he is not doing that he just repeats the name "Eric". If you want to know more, search him in the SCP wiki page


Basically, it's like the X-files, but you read the actual files

the spumel joke

lol, there isn't a thing called SCP 00899352. And as an SCP fan, I now get it... IT's supposed to make you deaf.. Like Beethoven HAHAHAH. wow.

AManCalled Da-da

We actually ate Eric in SCP 00899352.

Jamison Sanchez

00:00 Adagio molto - Allegro con brio
10:17 Larghetto
20:17 Scherzo: Allegro
23:57 Allegro molto

Tibor Visi

Thank you 👍✌

José Lopes

This is music that touches us deeply due to its sensitivity and strength. The glorious and admiring way in which Beethoven composes cannot leave anyone indifferent, as it has the particularity of, through his music, bringing the human feeling to the surface, how intimate it may be. The orchestra is remarkable with an amazing direction. It is a recording, considered by me, one of the best I have heard so far. Bravissimo!!!

Miro Pribanić

I love Beethoven's underrated symphonies...I am listening closely, more aware than with the 5th and 9th...So , today while driving to work, something baffled me: The Scherzo starts with this 16bar motive, repeated once. Formally, the score then indicates a new section. However, in the first four bars of that new section (20:37), Beethoven does not present a new motive, but reiterates the melodic rhythm of the first one. Then, in bar 5, where it says fortepiano (fp) the new motive is introduced....on the second beat of the bar!! I call that very very cheeky. Maybe somebody with a a more profound knowledge in music can confirm or contradict to what I found out.

Leonhard Euler

24:42 is the schezo (the violins)

Leonhard Euler

Also 7:05 motif (in the flutes) is all over the symphony. Ex: 29:14 22:12

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