Dearly Beloved
Luke Concannon Lyrics

Dear Beloved
We let you starve because we are starving
We kill you because we are dead
We are starving for meaning and for love and anything we may be given by a true person
I long for the day you are free
For when you are we shall be
I long for the day we eat together
For the food we eat doesn't nourish while you are dying
I long for the day we are hurt by love's truth
And all of us in service to the gods of profit and the perpetuation of your destruction
Wake up to the fact that we are in bed together
And that we need to be held, heard and thrown into orgasm
You are deliberately being murdered by a lack of kindness and blindness is no excuse
If we build together we can rid the world of this death
The death of love
The death of our souls
The death of the poor
The beginning being the passionate renunciation of all practises that enslave, destroy and extract
With a movement that enlivens our whole family of life
Solidarity with the poorest
Fucking live God damn it
Live for your beloved, the stranger
Taking on and taking down the free market rapists
Becoming fair market lovers
I will feed you hot strawberries
You will feed me forgiveness
I will feed you my life
You will feed me joy
Why don't you understand this?
The love you are looking for is yourself
You are a starving child
And you are the only one who can feed her
Feed her everything you have
And when you are done, feed her yourself
Because a free, fantastic life of kisses, hugs and celestial flight awaits you
If you will only like the life your soul flies to
Build love
Speak truth
The only one who can do this is you
The only one who can prove it is here

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