Luna Amara Lyrics

Hold on to me through all transitions and premonitions
of how this will end leaving each other no reasons to
bother learn or pretend love me never the world will
sever so hold on to me no one's here...

Are we the same to feel like one till everything's gone
for all that I am feels bitter and hollow when you
don't follow this pale light of green an ocean tide and
nothing to hide so hold on.
Why lie when I chose to be open mind true and spoken
Why hide now you're here and the shapes are clear
Why die before your time this time is mine alone, alone...

Time chases dreams while we're demanding
Some understanding from someone above
And are you there do you even care or are we alone
Through all transitions and bitter ambitions
Do you smile at the end?

Contributed by Lila P. Suggest a correction in the comments below.
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