Lydia Lyrics

It was four or five of everything, as you are no good
I saw it through the frame and through my face
Covering my eyes, because we are nothing
And never quite the same from a black and white summer
With photographs that showed our rails and razorblades
I think it cured my pain, again

Promise you will go down my neck
Just like those pills and your cigarette
So as my fingers curl, I move my lips just so you won't have to
Damnit you clever girl, your style is keeping us from sleep
One more and I'm free, oh we've been so lucky
Yeah we've been so likely to lose
So give in, let's give in

It's all suicide if I hide
Because you are everywhere I look and in my skin
I taste your neck and lips just from breathing in
Let's call it off kid
But through the window you reach for the cold
But the door is so much closer
And the sun has sold itself to the land and all over my skin
No! No! Stop it, stop him

So what, so what, we all were all afraid
So this I swear I know, it's not the chemicals
You are off my mind, I finally got away
You said it's such a life to remember
So come on, and we'll sleep away December
It was you, bringing your white company
Bringing the night so it seemed
And we will never sleep again
So as you walk through the door
And yell I'm never coming back here
It's over we are still nothing


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Never Give An Inch

In 2004 I was addicted to coke. A girl I was talking to introduced me to this band. I was a teenager. This band and her were there for me during a dark time in my life. The sad part is we stopped talking before I got clean and I can’t even remember her last name now. She deserves a thank you wherever she is.

Ralf Quiles

This is beautiful

Introvert English

I fucking hate how many feelings every single part of this this song has made me feel for like 10 years. I knew this album and others were about heroine use with a girl, but since my friend just OD'd I feel kind of sick for romanticizing it in a way. This music is so ingrained into my head it's like I can willingly ruin my month by listening to it. </3

Jacob Kear

This song is incredible

Bruce Armstrong-Lopez

So wish this would be on spotify, love it so much

Bruce Armstrong-Lopez

@Teridax heck yeah thanks for that!!


you're in luck, it's finally there


I'm 34 first heard this song when I was like 16 or 17 bc I met a girl from az who's brother was friends with someone in the band and she sent me this song and a few others but this song still means as much as ever still..

Lucas Shank

December 1st, 2019. 12:01 am.

Mike Irwin


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