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When I'm around you I feel grace surround me, spinning on my head I can't go to bed Everything's too good to be true I would
Take this moment and lock in a little glass jar forever, marvel at it once you
Fucked around and we're not together
At least that's how I think
Smoke a little weed
Pour another drink
I know I can be a downer
But my ways are just a product of surroundings
I know sound astounding,
But in the house I'm a basic
Swimming in my circles
Playing all my records
And I can only hope you're here when I'm at forever
My rain pours harder than most
I hope I'm just the kind of daughter
that my mother wanted
I hope I bring her honor
And at the end of the day that I'm not like my father, keeping in all my tears in till it's Becomes a problem
Moment of silence
When the mood just keeps on feeling like a hell hole
I try to keep my heart high and my head low
Holding grudges helped nobody so it's better to grow
It's better grow
When my choices keep on leading to a dead road
Time to pack up all the baggage make a new home

My rain pours harder than most

My rain pours harder than most

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of the song "Rainbow" by Lyldoll are an introspective reflection on the singer's feelings when they are around someone they care about deeply. The opening line, "When I'm around you I feel grace surround me," indicates that being in the presence of this person brings a sense of peace and contentment to the singer's life. However, they also admit that their own anxieties and insecurities can sometimes overwhelm them: "My rain pours harder than most."

The singer expresses a desire to hold onto the happiness that being around this person brings, even if they are no longer together: "Take this moment and lock it in a little glass jar forever, marvel at it once you fucked around and we're not together." They acknowledge that their own behavior and attitudes can sometimes be negative, but attribute this to their upbringing and circumstances: "My ways are just a product of surroundings."

Throughout the song, the singer grapples with complex emotions and conflicting desires, ultimately expressing a hope to find a way to let go of past hurts and move forward with a sense of purpose and growth. Overall, the lyrics of "Rainbow" offer an honest and introspective look at the messy and complicated nature of relationships and personal growth.

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