Never Change
Lyrical 187 Lyrics

Ha, Lyrical 1-8-7 the Terror
Presidential affiliation, G.I.N. what it do ha

[Chorus: x2]
I ain't never gon change my ways
I'm still gon put it down in the streets, getting paid
I'm still gon work the block, and make it bleed all day
I'm still gon hit the studio, and spit these flames

Look I ain't never gon, change my ways
I'm a couple million dollas, short of being okay
Or I'ma couple doses just away, of going insane
And need the sticky keep my brain calm, it numbs the pain
Look I ain't never gon, disrespect the game
If the fame come or it don't, I'm still gon make the change
I'm still gon let boys know, I'm still gon maintain
I'm still out that Southside, I still pack that thang
My name be, Lyrical 1-8-7 the Terror
I'm telling y'all to recognize, the realest with the weapon
The microphone heater, he the one that got your head bobbing
Up and down side to side, can't believe they say I'm talking
I've been waiting on the sideline, for too long
It's my time to get it on, with each and every one of y'all
Remember the face, and the name
To my very last breath, I ain't never gon change

[Chorus: x2]

You know I bite the mic harder, than alligator jaws
You know your gal like me, cause the way I beat up her walls
And if I was to pause, it be a public outcry
From Miami to Canada, East and the Westside
See me riding by the big body, with killas inside
Red eyed and leaning out, screaming Southside
Already I'm in the game, 1-8-7 the name
Presidential Affiliation, let's do the thang
I still wreck the shows, and the after parties
I still smoke you out, I still slap you with a 40
I still put that pistol in your life, for acting up
I still don't give a fuck, I still hold my nuts
I'm ready for whatever, and always weapon stitched
I'm a G.I.N. soldier, till I take the last kiss
And one more thang, remember the face and the name
Till they blow this bitch up, I ain't never gon change

[Chorus: x2]

My association's with pits killas and drug dealers, junkies and victs
Got the jealous on the boulevard, mugging me man
Hustler haters man like hoes, on my money and time
Acting bad if money company, you stepping out of line
You must be out of your damn mind, I had to grind too hard
Please step away from the V, and get the fuck up out my yard
I'm at odds with you cowards, talking down from far away
But in front of my face, you have nothing but praise
It's like that oh naw, y'all done up and done it now
Need to move around, 'fore repercussions come down
I do my thang, I mean I do the damn thang to the fullest
It's all done been identified, the pistol if you pull it
And you rookies better recognize, the game before it plays you
And get you caught up in complications, or like what the snakes do
And still, I just remain the same
I spit fire and moves arounds mayn, I ain't never gon change

[Chorus: x2]

I ain't never gon change my ways
I ain't never gon change my ways


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