Möscow Çlub Lyrics

Take me into your life
My time in brightside is hard
Now a days you dislike
chocolate for sunday lunch we had
Ladies you're right
Magazines are chatty towns
Now you read new bizarre stories of Saint-Germain midnight
Let me send you a letter
Every fake I made is always same as me
Rainy days are shiny
Drawing feathered wind
Only in wet heart there is a meaning of
dress up you did. wearing the fool
And it's your voice took me
Whenever we can't stop to make this love
Both were wrong under the rules
There was no false in the rain
I lost it one day. I lost her bright eyes
14 days, I loved her a lot
There no more lovely pain
We're in stops have to name this love
Don't think again. I'm on the go
Every door is locked
Things are made for this time. We wear it as coats.

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