Mötley Crüe Lyrics

Had wild dreams
Walkin' the streets
Hell we were young
Never looked back
So we took our dreams
Ran like hell
Lived our youth
From a wishing well
Me and the boys
Made a pact
To love or die
No turning back
Scarred fr life
All my best friends died
I lost my mind
It made me hate
I can't escape I can't escape

(Pre Chorus)
I'm a wildcat
A shotgun blast
Strong as steel
No more deals

You're in danger
When the boys are around
You're in danger
And this is my town
This is Hollywood

I was blind
One step from the edge
Spin round and round
Out of my head
Lost in my gin
From riches to sin
Loose again
I've escaped
I've escaped

Tatooed lies
Distant eyes
It's been ten long years
Tears and fears


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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


I just could never get into anything much they did after this album.

I loved this album and wore it out. The first album I bought with my own money and very special to me.

They had a few good songs on the later albums, but they seemed to have lost their edge soon after. I was mostly disappointed in Theater of Pain and on the verge of disliking them thereafter.

But this album? I was ga ga crazy for them!

This song is wicked 👍

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Jeff Nelson

One of the best top ten CRUE songs of all time...So fucking under rated.....

Dave Caplener

This is Tommy's Masterpiece. Perfect Drumming. Fucking Amazing.

Colin Campbell

Red hot is great, but as a drummer, i see where dude guy is right... Beautiful drumming on"Danger".


Go listen to "Red hot"

Steve Dwyer

Shout at the Devil was probably their best album. It had the rawest music and sound in it

Patrick Jira

So raw. So hard. So innovative. The first music album I ever fell in love with

E Lanham

You think SATD had a more raw sound than Too Fast For Love???!!!! No friggen way!!! But...everyone has there own opinion. This album is definitely one of the best of the decade. This album DEFINITELY solidified the death of New Wave and the birth of METAL. ICONIC album. Fuck..i remember being 9 years old and just listening to this vinyl over and over...along with Bark at the Moon!!! 1984...great year for METAL!!! Peace out bro!!!!♧☆,


As far as "Rawest sound" "Too fast for.love" is complety raw sound.
Raw vocals,
Raw everythin.
That album was RAW as fuck.
I saw them at the Villa Reale in 1982.
I was 14 , my mom said "NO WAY" I couldn't go to the show.
S my buddies said fuck that, they backed the pick up truck under the 2nd floor balcony that was attached to my bedroom it had to be 30' up so I tossed my matress out into the truck bed jumped off the balcony & we took off. That matress never made it back home . Try explaining that one to your parents.
Where the hell is your matress? UMM i dinno.


Best as in what best $$ for them then yes probably so
Best music Id say was "Too fast for Love" they were hungry & young Red hot.. how do you top that?
How about the so g "LIVE WIRE" whilde doing 160 mph on a CBR 1,100. As far as Im concerned "Too fast for love" was their best album.

Steven Kistler

@R G1959 00000

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