Generation Swine
Mötley Crüe Lyrics

I don't care now what I do
'Cause I am just a fool like you
Get my way now everyday
I take all I can get
Just like you
Just like you

Back in ya face such a disgrace
We're the generation swine
A rat race from outer space
Gonna blow your mind
Gotta get away
Gotta get away

Gotta blow my brains
Gotta blow my brains
We're the generation
I want more
It's not enough
We get our thrills
Right from this stuff
So my mind's a sewage sump,
It's smelling bad and out of luck
Just like you back in ya face...
Such a disgrace
We're the Generation Swine

Gimme no lip, here comes my fist
I don't need it this time
Gettin' blown away,
Gettin' thrown away
This here song's for you,
The doomed welcome my fools to
The Planet Boom
Thinkin' that I'll grab my space
Gun leave this place right
Now for the zoom

Gimme some space,
Get outta my face,
We're the Generation Swine
Don't need your lip,
Your ignorance
We're the generation
Always on a run,
Always on a run
New sensation
Want to go insane,
Gonna go insane
We're the Generation Swine

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Comments from YouTube:

Tiger Mafia

Unpopular opinion but this is one of my favourite Motley albums. It's different from their hair metal glory days but they matured as musicians and adapted to the times. People grow up, styles and tastes change. It's refreshing to see a band evolve naturally like this unlike some bands that just try and fail to recreate the same shit decade after decade, which just sounds very forced and tragic

David OBrien

I don't get how this album didn't do that well. I fucking love this album. One of my favorites for sure

Furyo Mori

I was a fan when this came out, so I can provide my interpretation: after the grungy Corabi days, people expected the band to revert to the kind of music they had always been known for. However, despite having Neil back, they came out with another album that, although different to the previous one in terms of genre, was still vastly different to their glory days, thus prompting people to feel conned by the whole reunion.


First time listening to this album. As a fan of 80s Motley Crue, I have to say this is way better than I was expecting. Alternacrue.

Cody Rubey

kinda coincidental how the load and reload album align w/their time frame of change ....but i stills digs its.


The Corabi album has the seeds of this, and the Tommy Lee solo albums take it even farther than this.

Ronnie J Dio

Criminally underrated

Sweet Cyanide

Haha you really think this is underrated ? 😂 it’s so bad that I don’t even know where to go with that.

Empty Rock pool fishing

I love Afraid the more i listen to it over the years and i got gen swine on tape when it came out,funny how age makes you see songs in a different perspective after partying to it.


OMG...Let Us Prey has got to be one of their most underrated songs EVER. Such power

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