God Bless the Children of the Beast
Mötley Crüe Lyrics


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Written by: MICK MARS

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Real Juicy News

NB:This is not an attack it is a wake up call....

Was he wearing a wrist watch or had a time piece or stop watch while in hell? Was he continually watching a clock in hell? oh okay, the angel told him what the time was, he wrote it down. Aight. Bill Weise eh? will check him out.As looked at another's claim and damn there was some serious flaws in her story, in line with the bible,definitions of words used like Hell,hades,sheol,spirit etc.

Oh Sid Roth's Supernatural - Aight. Bet the guy wrote a book and it sold millions and he made lots of money from it thanks to Sid promoting it live.

By David J. Stewart | December 2006 | Updated February 2019

Bill Wiese has been traveling around the world, selling millions of books, and making LOTS of money...etc...
The Holy Bible exposes him as a bold-faced liar. Second, because he is exploiting Christianity to make tens of millions of dollars by selling books about his alleged 23 minutes in Hell.
Read his "Bizarre Unscriptural Claims "Bill Wiese make's some bizarre claims..."
Although compelling, and definitely frightening, there is NO Scriptural support for many of Mr. Wiese's claims."
why support this guy? Or hold him in high esteem if the evidence proves hes a con man etc?
Nothing personal man, but I'm so sick of these lying charlatans!
"Know the (real) truth, and that (real) truth will set you free (from the horsepoop many liars are telling you). You'll be truly liberated! The guy who wrote this article also is wrong in many of his "the bible says" claims.

Mar'Yah Alaha (Aramaic not Islamic Allah - even though this name was derived from the Parent language,Aramaic,Syriac who derived it from the Grandparent language, the Nabbaen) & Mar'Yah Ysho (Eshoa)Msheekah-
Bless you and keep you.

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Logan Priest

God bless Mick Mars for creating a beautiful piece

Adam Rivett

2 guitars in perfect harmony omg I died the first time I heard it omg I still get shivers 30 years later

David Jones

I loved this arrangement by Mick my favorite off shout along with knock em dead kid


.....sounds a LOT like Schenker's "Bijou Pleasurette" - have often wondered if Mick was inspired by it.....

Lemmy Burton

Logan Priest true, this is The most melodic dual solo i have ever heard. He decided to mix another guitar sound which could The same as it recorded.

john gouger

this album is a masterpiece.i hate to advocate drugs i really do,but thats when bands create their most genius work.Which makes it hard to own it,because who knows what is the guiding force behind it,but damn I still love this album.

Heavy Metal

john gouger 👍👍

Julia Hall

This genuinely sounds like it could've come from the Queen II album.

Paul Doyle

Gives me certain Zepplin vibes

Marian Vasile

No i think its like mayhem with mercy from welcome to hell.just look at the artwork and song names.motley crue were heavly inspired by venom

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