Sumthin' For Nuthin'
Mötley Crüe Lyrics

Foolish bride call me up, beg to scratch her itch
Rich old man got the needle, slipped and dropped a stitch
Name the time, name the price leave you door unlocked
I'll bring a toy guaranteed to put the spring in your shock

Sumthin' for nuthin'
Gigolo sounds so cold, call me teacher's pest
Twice a day, double pay, at my trade I'm the best
Never late, watch her watch seconds on the clock
Overtime, break my back, slip and fall in the crack

Sumthin' for nuthin'
Well in and out, it's never free
Sumthin' for nuthin'
Leave the money where it's easy to see

She plays the role of a roving matriarch
Diamond rings, fancy things, Dubonnet on the rocks
For a treat gave it free--happy sixty three
Crazy days, easy money--I was just sixteen
Easy money for such a good deed

Sumthin' for nuthin'
Ya, in and out is never free
Sumthin' for nuthin'
Satisfaction guaranteed
Sumthin' for nuthin'
Target practice in the dark
Sumthin' for nuthin'
I'm a crack shot on the mark

And I love my work

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Comments from YouTube:

Corvid Wyrm

I've noticed something about the comment sections on Mötley Crüe videos. They are typially nicer, more accepting, and have less arguments. The comment sections on some other music videos are super angry and rife with conflict.

Sofocles Mefisto

Sure bro god bless you!

J̅o̅h̅n̅n̅y̅ F̅a̅v̅o̅r̅i̅t̅e̅

Musically, Girls Girls Girls was the peak for Motley Crue. Nearly every song on that album is Win💎 Win💎 Win💎

Eli Hummel

@Juraj Vanko Their first 5 albums I can listen to all day and not skip a fckin song. It's all kickass! That's just my opinion though.

Eli Hummel

@Juraj Vanko EXACTLY! Thank you!

Holly Little


Nikki sixx Of queen

Pug127 Nona was great

Juraj Vanko

Too Fast was an album of the genaration. Raw rock/punk. Everybod loved that.
Shout was havier and there were no mistakes on the entire album. It´s a masterpiece.
Theatre is to this day underrated glam metal album with a lot of great concepts and songs.
Girls album is musicaly good, showing the wild side of the 80´s, pure sex, drugs&rock n´roll thing
Feelgood is the album with great songwriting, powerfull, some ballads on it, showing the best of Nikki´s talent and hard work

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I don't think I'm old enough to listen to this music but I don't care


I was 14 when I listened to it.❤️

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