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Gorilla Hug
M.A.N.D.Y. Lyrics

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If It Makes You Feel Good Desert sands Heart's homeland 'Til you Flesh and bones Made…
Positive Reaction I just want a reaction A positive reaction! Reaction A posi…
Put Put Put I just gotta put 'em on My city askin' me to…
Stay With Me Tonight くりかえし流れてるアルバム all through the night キミとボクは浮かんでいて とどかない夢とここにあ…
The Cursed (1st Verse) I was born in seventy-one In seventy-two I sta…
The Dawn Blinded I am And so are you By shedding tears Confusion that…
You're Never Alone Girl you say that I have always been the one You…

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Comments from YouTube:

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New bucket list item. Must tickle baby gorilla.


Tickling a wild baby gorilla would be a great suicide method

Ol’man Winter

Top of my list👍😊


any gorilla you say hmm

Anna Ólafsdóttir

Please don't. This is the reason why wild gorillas are killed and their babies stolen and sold in the black market (so they can be used as pets or sold to zoos, or other things). Please let's just love and appreciate wild animals for what they are and allow them to live in the wild. And kudos to the kind hearted people who rescue and rehabilitate animals and hats off also to those who protect endangered animals from poachers in the wild.

Alina Itzal

@the actual bajmahal SAD...but true.

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Captain Hydro XL

Never wanted to tickle a baby gorilla until now

Justin Segura

Me too

Jamie Wilson

@N N twat.


U can tickle your black friend.

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