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Really Love Ya
M.A.N.D.Y. Lyrics

We have lyrics for 'Really Love Ya' by these artists:

Siopis Huey Lewis and The News Miscellaneous If You Really Love Me …

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Don't Stop She won't stop for nothin' She a go getter She don't stop…
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Positive Reaction I just want a reaction A positive reaction! Reaction A posi…
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The Cursed (1st Verse) I was born in seventy-one In seventy-two I sta…
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You're Never Alone Girl you say that I have always been the one You…

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Comments from YouTube:


Patti was doing some funny dances in the background while Mandy was trying to sing. He started laughing. Loved the little kiss at the end.


Yeah. He says "I've been tossing in my sleep at night. And what's more, I've lost my appetite" And she says "That's something that would /never/ happen to me." Cause... Well, she adorable... I mean, really? Her dance moves? *nods* Adorable. Thanks so much for posting squeegee!

Luke Meyer

I saw another version of this with Nathan Lane and Kristin Chenoweth, and someone commented saying "the two most recognizable voices in theatre." Well, I think that this video puts up a good fight for that title lol


god i love this. they make me sooo incredibly happy. hahahahaha.


Now this video totally makes me grin. Those two are hilarious together. It's amazing how Patti manages to keep the song together while Mandy is totally cracking up. You are right about her dance moves, though. Ahahah those Egyptian moves are to die for. :D Does she say something like: "that would never happen to me" at 0:50?


brought a smile to my face. :-)


Aaah. Maybe that actually makes more sense in that context. She sort of mumbled that bit so I was having a hard time trying to understand what she was saying. Thanks for the reply!


This is the only video I've ever found that didn't have any 'dislikes.'

Gary Peter

It was silliness. The messages here are so serious, as if this number was being done as a Tony Performance. Lighten up and let them have fun. Given the shows they do, 8x a week, the same every day, all directed and choreographed in advance, must be nice to just let lose. Singing was great and the song a who cares about her schmata and dance routine, which was obviously just, again, plain silliness and impromtu. With a voice like hers, there is seldom any room for criticism.


What in the world is she wearing?????

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