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Where He At
M.A.N.D.Y. Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by M.A.N.D.Y.:

Don't Stop She won't stop for nothin' She a go getter She don't stop…
If It Makes You Feel Good Desert sands Heart's homeland 'Til you Flesh and bones Made…
Positive Reaction I just want a reaction A positive reaction! Reaction A posi…
Put Put Put I just gotta put 'em on My city askin' me to…
Stay With Me Tonight すごく静かな夜に 僕の頭の中の 素直に出る言葉を綴り たった5分以内の この曲に想いを 詰め込んで 歌うよ だから聴いて…
The Cursed (1st Verse) I was born in seventy-one In seventy-two I sta…
The Dawn Blinded I am And so are you By shedding tears Confusion that…
You're Never Alone Girl you say that I have always been the one You…

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Comments from YouTube:

Brie Lee

Naomi turned to Cardi B and threw a her shoe 👟😂😂😂 that tells you don’t mess with the Glow

Kimora Shahah

@Sonia Rivera LMAO 😂😂😂😭

Jamel Tyler

Merry Christmas

Sonia Rivera

The Naomi chancla lol

Angel Ellis

Ikr 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Quieyon Lee

Naomi started to throw here shoes at people before cardi did🤣😂

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angel loves

She was about to beat tf out if her 😂😂😂😂😂

Thanks for the likes OMG thank you guys

Bad Vibes

Sunny RkO if peaple are tryubg to kiss your girl or somthibg would you let it happen dumass

Dezjonay Horne-Williams

@Sunny Vlogs Actually she is not it is because Mandy rose keep on trying to break their marriage. To be honest naomi is much more prettier.

Erica Antonio

I wish

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