Run Away
M.C. Sar & The Real McCoy Lyrics

Run away, run away, run away and save your life
Run away, run away, run away if you want to survive
It's time to break free, oh oh oh oh, run away, oh oh oh oh
You better break free, oh oh oh oh, run away, oh oh oh oh

Money, sex in full control, a generation without soul
Perfect people in a perfect world,
Behind closed doors all in control
Life, in a world of luxury,
Cold cash money mentality
You gotta keep the faith, you gotta keep the faith
You'd better keep the faith and run away

Money, sex in full control, look, big brother is watching you,
Unlock your brain and save your soul,
No more limits, no more curfew
Life in the perfect system,
Take a stand and fight for freedom
Keep the faith, you gotta keep the faith
You'd better keep the faith and run away


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My right ear absolutely loved this.

John McKay


Zain Mudassir

Because you're a right-wing probably

Stanimir Borov3

m,y left one.. i guess im wearing my right headphone on my left

TheKhairul83 i thought there is something wrong with my earphone


Hahahahahahaha same

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This song is way ahead of its time. This song is warning me about twitter, reality TV, fb, selfie craze, and our soulless society. The lyrics are GOLD!!!

Jorge Espinoza

@AllGuts NoGlory it's tricky to point the finger at the real culprit when it kind of hides like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

People say they hate what capitalism has done but those very same people literally cannot live without a free market system for one week.

Think about it:
The real problem is the current mixing of Russian/Chinese socialist principles with a corporate business culture that has emerged from free market capitalism: the mix is often called "chronie capitalism".

Chronie capitalism happens whenever select business corporations receive subsidies and help from a government. In essence, it really is "communist capitalism" but at that point it really ceases to be capitalism altogether and literally turns into corporate tyranny.

Jorge Espinoza

@AllGuts NoGlory indeed. Old media is not as effective, although still very relevant.

Mind you, people/groups are free to have their own opinions and lifestyle, but do not have the right to impose them on anyone at any moment.

AllGuts NoGlory

@Jorge Espinoza They have been trying to control people before social media. Social media is just more efficient because now it rewards idiots for conformity and rewards them for being anti-racist, or feminist soy boys or pro-gay.

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