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M.D.M.A. Lyrics

We have lyrics for these tracks by M.D.M.A.:

In the Morning Good morning Haha, wake your mother fucking asses up Yo wh…

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Comments from YouTube:

Journey The Crab

Two Piece Band with programmed drums, hot.

Rafael Kadirov

3:15 lol what the.. how he even... What emotions the artist tried to express with those sounds lol
laughed so hard amk

Vincent Auriemma

probably a sleeping/purring cat that they ran thru some effects


Walter White approved this!

Zyklon B still and know God

Mdma is much better than meth


Microdosing Daily


microdosing works best for me if i do it sparingly, like once a month or so

U Dub

The Faded Line but it has to do with 5ht receotors right? Therefore it must produce serotonin. So wouldnt it be having feel good affects other then just tripping? Even at a lower dose

The Faded Line

BlueMoonFuzz After a week there is no point I use to take 300ug every weekend or every other week and it got to a point where I didnt trip I cant imagine such a low dose of 40


I personaly microdose lsd every 3 days, about a 40 ug dose, its a little more than standard but i can say for the past 8 months iv had a lot more energy and motivation than i remember having. I also seem to live more in the moment of things instead having my mind constantly in thought mode, i feel a little more connected with the world around me. Its definately done a lot to improve my overal life and its a great antidepressant. Of course im speaking from personal experience, everyones different.

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