A Guitar and a Heart
M83 Lyrics


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David W

“I find it so amazing when people tell me that electronic music has no soul. You can’t blame the computer. If there’s no soul in the music, it’s because nobody put it there.”
— Björk


behind a electronic keyboard, there is a human.


Somehow after 15 years, hearing that drop at 3:14 is still like hearing it for the first time.... Usually when you've heard a song 1000 times, certain parts lose a bit of impact but this never has.

Julian _

I feel the same way. It’s always fucking awesome.


How does this not have more views? Such a brilliant song.

Nicholas Ditoto

this song evokes such strong emotions


I feel passion, frustration and determination when I listen to this song


I feel this song shows anger and vengeful rage of the daughter from the two in car chase terror, as the devil appears to have taken her mother.

F. Wintermute

This track is pure fire. The kind of fire only hearts can spark.

Manic Panic

Still a belting tune....needs to be loud everytime!

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