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Sun is shining
Birds are singing
Flowers are growing
Clouds are looming and I am flying

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to M83's song Birds capture the beauty and serenity of nature. The opening line "Sun is shining" sets the stage for a bright and hopeful outlook. As the song progresses, the listener can imagine the peaceful scenery of "Birds singing" and "Flowers growing". However, the line "Clouds are looming" creates a sense of uncertainty and suggests that there may be challenges ahead. Despite this, the final line "and I am flying" conveys a sense of freedom and triumph over any obstacles.

Overall, the lyrics suggest that nature creates a sense of tranquility that can help us overcome any difficulties we may face. The metaphorical image of "flying" at the end of the song also suggests a sense of personal growth and empowerment. The lyrics are both reflective and aspirational, making for a truly inspiring song.

Line by Line Meaning

Sun is shining
The bright and warm sun is shining brightly in the sky, indicating the arrival of a new day.

Birds are singing
The birds in the background are creating a soothing and harmonious melody by happily chirping, making the atmosphere calm and peaceful.

Flowers are growing
During spring, the flowers are thriving and blooming with their vibrant colors as the sun and rain nourish them with their energy.

Clouds are looming and I am flying
The clouds in the sky are moving ominously closer, yet the persona is flying high despite the impending danger, signifying their ambitions and determination to face challenges.

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This song was repeated accidently in the This is M83... Best of / Introduction Playlistplaylist. I love you guys to bits, don't get me wrong, and I love this song but I think it's a genuine mistake.


fitter happier: who are you?
birds: i’m you, but stronger


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