Dark Moves of Love
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The time is blowing out
Dividing you and me
Can you see me?

Everything is wrecked and grey
I'm focusing on your image
Can you hear me in the void?
I will fight the time and bring you back

I will fight the time and bring you back
(Repeat to fade)

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to M83's song "Dark Moves of Love" paint a picture of a relationship in turmoil. The line "The time is blowing out" suggests that time is running out for the couple, and that their connection is fading away. The next line, "Dividing you and me," emphasizes the sense of separation and distance that has grown between them. The question "Can you see me?" adds to this feeling of disconnection, as if the singer is unsure whether they can reach their partner anymore.

The second stanza establishes a mood of desolation and despair. The phrases "Everything is wrecked and grey" and "the void" evoke a sense of emptiness and hopelessness. Despite this, the singer is still focusing on the image of their loved one, trying to maintain the connection that remains. The final lines show a determination not to give up, even though the odds seem insurmountable. "I will fight the time and bring you back" is a powerful declaration of love and commitment, showing that the singer is willing to do whatever it takes to keep their relationship alive.

Line by Line Meaning

The time is blowing out
My world is falling apart, time is running out and things are not going as planned.

Dividing you and me
Our relationship is being pushed apart by external forces beyond our control, leading to emotional distance.

Can you see me?
Despite the challenges we face, I still hope to be seen and acknowledged by you.

Everything is wrecked and grey
My world has been completely destroyed and nothing seems to be as vibrant or positive as before.

I'm focusing on your image
You are my only source of hope, and I choose to focus all my energy on you to feel grounded amidst the chaos.

Can you hear me in the void?
Despite my efforts, I am still unsure if you are listening or if our connection has been lost amidst the chaos around us.

I will fight the time and bring you back
No matter how difficult things get, I am willing to fight for our relationship and bring us back to a place of connection and love.

I will fight the time and bring you back
I am determined to overcome any obstacles to keep our love alive and to persevere until we are together again.

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I've listened to every available M83 song, and this is one of the best.


i remember this album saved me during 2009-2011 hard times and a broken heart. Thank you M83.


I feel this. hope your days feel brighter now.


This track is so moving. It makes me look at the emptiness inside of me. Things that are dark can also be comforting, when they are familiar.


What a way to finish an album. Just pure bliss


A wall of sound


Wow. This whole time, I thought he was saying "I think I can tell that we will be friends" but really says "I will fight the time and bring you back". I couldn't connect the spoken lyrics at the beginning but always thought the song was about a new friendship. My, how interpretations can be different. Still a great song!




how I love this song. I almost leave my body every time I hear it



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