Don't Save Us FromTthe Flames
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Tina! Tina! Tina! Tina!

Out of the flames
A piece of brain in my hair
The wheels are melting
A ghost is screaming your name

Tina! Tina!

Bleeding all around
Liquid metal through my veins
The radio's burning
A ghost is screaming your name

Tina! Tina! Tina! Tina!

Overall Meaning

The lyrics to M83's Don't Save Us From The Flames are haunting and enigmatic, creating a surreal image of chaos and destruction. The repetition of the name "Tina" throughout the song adds to the eerie atmosphere, as if the singer is calling out to someone who is lost or unreachable. The opening lines describe a scene of fire and destruction, with the singer finding a piece of brain in their hair and the wheels of a vehicle melting. There is a sense of disorientation, as if the world is coming apart at the seams.

The second verse furthers this sense of confusion, with the singer describing "liquid metal" flowing through their veins and the radio burning. The repetition of the phrase "a ghost is screaming your name" creates a sense of otherworldliness, as if the singer is experiencing a supernatural event. The inclusion of the name "Tina" in the lyrics is particularly intriguing, as it is unclear who this person is or what relevance they have to the song. It could be a symbolic representation of something, a reference to a personal connection or experience, or simply a mystery left for the listener to ponder.

Line by Line Meaning

Out of the flames
Emerging from a destructive situation

A piece of brain in my hair
Experiencing a traumatic incident and having physical evidence of it

The wheels are melting
Feeling the impact of an intense emotional experience

A ghost is screaming your name
Being haunted by memories and thoughts of someone significant

Tina! Tina!
Calling out to a person in anguish or desperation

Bleeding all around
Suffering from emotional pain and turmoil

Liquid metal through my veins
Experiencing intense and overwhelming emotions

The radio's burning
Feeling overwhelmed by the intensity of emotions

A ghost is screaming your name
Haunted by memories and thoughts of someone significant

Tina! Tina! Tina! Tina!
Calling out to a person in extreme desperation or despair

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MARTIN Etienne

Today, it's my favorite M83 song. Yesterday il was Wait. Tomorrow it will be Moonchild. And so on. And so goes my happy life!😄 Hope you enjoy yours with a little help of our best friend M83.


M83 is so unique, cant find anyone like them


Bag Raiders similar imo

Bennatt Almeida

for sure dude!!!!


Lorn is also good

Dennis Dreher


Ian Smith

You would like Boards of Canada. Hope you see this. Hope you haven’t heard of them. Wish I could listen to Boards for the first time again.

10 More Replies...


All these years later and this is still my go to M83 song. Always loved the video as well.

Fun Times

Yeah this video has something special about it for sure


This song reminds me of 2008. Playing this song and looking out my dorm room window at the city and all the lights.

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