She Stands Up
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Do you think he still loves her?
How would I know about that, Hunter?
I think he does

Overall Meaning

The lyrics of M83's song "She Stands Up" are the epitome of cryptic. The meaning of the snippet of conversation being had between two unknown people seems to be a foil to the electric and pulsating beats that back it. The first line, "Do you think he still loves her?" drips with uncertainty, with the singer unsure of the person in question or the kind of love they refer to. The other person, Hunter, is akin to standing in for the audience, unaware of the nuanced details of the conversation.

However, the ambiguity of the lyrics is oddly fitting to the tone of the song. As the instruments rise and fall in syncopated rhythms and the ethereal vocals wail in the background, each listener is given the space to apply their own meaning to it. The music video itself, with its endless roads and bright pink sunsets seems to fit the song's energy, both wistful and exciting all at once.

The haunting melody of the song begs for an introspective and esoteric interpretation. Perhaps, the lyrics are emblematic of the feeling of uncertainty that many people have felt about their romantic relationships. Or it could foretell the dread of not being able to ascertain the true feelings of someone important to us. As the music video ends with the sunrise and the road continuing into the distance, the unresolved questioning of the lyrics leaves the song open for interpretation.

Line by Line Meaning

Do you think he still loves her?
Do you believe that his love for her is still alive and present?

How would I know about that, Hunter?
I have no knowledge or insight about their relationship, Hunter.

I think he does
In my personal opinion, I believe that he still harbors feelings of love for her.

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