Soon My Friend
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I'll be yours someday
I'll be yours someday
I'll be yours someday
I'll be yours someday
I'll be yours someday
I'll be yours someday


Overall Meaning

The lyrics of "Soon My Friend" by M83 are simple yet powerful. The repetition of "I'll be yours someday" suggests a longing for acceptance, love and companionship. The singer is speaking to a person they care about and expressing their desire to be with them in the future. The word "someday" creates a sense of optimism, implying that they may not be together now, but hope remains for the future.

The song also touches on the idea of perseverance and determination. The repetition of the phrase emphasizes the singer's commitment to their relationships and the willingness to wait until the time is right. It seems that the singer is telling the person that they are there for them and will remain by their side until the day they can finally be together. The emotion and sincerity in the lyrics can resonate with anyone who has longed for someone or something in their life.

Line by Line Meaning

I'll be yours someday
I promise that one day, I will belong to you entirely and you won't have to share me with anyone else.

I'll be yours someday
No matter what happens, I'll always be here for you and eventually, we'll be together forever.

I'll be yours someday
Despite any obstacles or challenges we may face in the present and future, I will remain committed to you and our future together.

I'll be yours someday
I know that right now we may be apart, but eventually our paths will cross again and we'll be together for good.

I'll be yours someday
In my heart, I've already pledged my loyalty to you and it's only a matter of time until we can be together.

I'll be yours someday
I long for the day when we can finally be together, and until then, I'll keep working towards making that a reality.

Even though it may not be today or tomorrow, there will come a day when we can finally be together.

I hold onto the hope that one day we'll be reunited, and until then, I'll keep your memory close to my heart.

I look towards the future with optimism, knowing that eventually we'll all find happiness and fulfillment in our lives.

Despite any struggles or setbacks we may face, we can always hold onto the hope that things will improve and someday we'll achieve our dreams.

Writer(s): Anthony Gonzalez, Justin Medal-Johnson, Justin Meldal-Johnsen

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M83 are so under rated. Incredible.


+James G I know its so sad because I like their songs.


They're not really underrated if you look to their accomplishments


609thousand subscribes, and a few of their videos have over 245 million views individually. That's a pretty warped sense of underrated.


this band is beyond anything ever made


Hundreds of millions of views on tons of his songs...underrated? When would you be satisfied? I know most amazing and heartbreakingly biutiful musicians who played at the venue i worked at as a sound guy in front of 5 people!


You and your soulmate even if you have never met are missing each other right now


I hope you're right, I feel I have a soul mate out there sometimes and sometimes I feel there's no hope for me or anyone but I mean anyone else as like hopefully society can grow and not wage war over every little thing as in make peace not war


It’s hard to believe one exists at times, but I do think you’re right.


​@@mikethemonkey3541 ask your heart; it will tell you that it's true 💚💜

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