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What have we to show?
Barren feelings and dust for crow
We can't ever know
When it's time to go

That's the way to see the end
Glowing out along the river bend
It's not goodbye my only friend
Yesterday started over again

Overall Meaning

In the opening lines of "Splendor" by M83, the lyrical narrator ponders what their life has amounted to. They question their existence and are left with nothing but a void, as barren feelings and dust is all that's left for them. They find themselves unable to know when it's time to leave, creating a sense of uncertainty and ambiguity regarding their fate. They seem to be searching for a sense of meaning or purpose, but are left feeling empty and running in circles.

The chorus of the song seems to present some form of reprieve. The singer begins to see things in a more positive light, as they witness the splendor of the world around them. They see the river bend glowing and the beauty in nature. It's almost as if this new sense of wonder sparks a newfound hope within the singer, and they realize that this isn't the end but rather a beautiful beginning. They even acknowledge that they're not alone as they say "It's not goodbye my only friend", perhaps referring to the beauty of the natural world around them.

Overall, "Splendor" explores themes of existential angst, the search for meaning and purpose, and finding beauty in the world around us. The lyrics are poignant and insightful, inviting the listener to reflect on their own lives and the world around them.

Line by Line Meaning

What have we to show?
What do we have to display or prove about ourselves?

Barren feelings and dust for crow
We have emotions that are empty and insignificant like dust, worthless to the point of being food for crows.

We can't ever know
We cannot ascertain or be certain about what's going to happen in the future.

When it's time to go
When it's time for us to leave or depart from this world.

That's the way to see the end
That's how we perceive the culmination or termination of something.

Glowing out along the river bend
The end appears to be shining and coming through along the path of the river's curve.

It's not goodbye my only friend
It's not a farewell or goodbye to my solitary companion, who's always there for me.

Yesterday started over again
Today feels like a repetition of yesterday, starting anew or afresh.

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So apparently this is his favorite song off the album... i can see why. This is beautiful.

Gabriela Oliveira

You guys have other way to see this world with the music... All this songs of all of you guys are the most deeply and powerful melodies i have listened. Is just wonderful :) M83 the greatest band ever !!!


Try Sleeping At Last and Coldplay. They're rly good to




I just lost my dad 4 months ago due to covid. we were left dropped to our knees and praying for his recovery and salvation over 200+ people (family and friends from USA to Mexico) and so he fought covid for 30 days at age 70. Not many last 7 days with pneumonia but daaang, I AM PROUD OF MY DAD!!!!!!!!! HE FOUGHT LIKE A WARRIOR!!!.... but after praying and having some signs of hope and glory... he didn't make it. God said it is time. he passed the 7th day of January, just like in the Bible verse (... "and on the 7th day he rested") He is extremely missed and still needed. Although his physical temple isn't here, he has shown me some signs of being near me. Like if he is literally watching al of us. Every time I play this song his cologne smell aroma comes closer and closer and I just start praying on my knees, crying, telling him how much I love him and we miss him... I will see you again soon, Dad."


You made me speechless, I'm sorry but I'm extremely proud of all of your family, seeing it so positive.. you're right! Your dad IS a true warrior 💖💕❤️


@yoonsuckz 🙏🏼🥺 A person you see your entire life as you’re growing up, you never expect that person to ever leave you. When he left us, he took a big piece from us. Til’ this day I get anxiety and loss of oxygen, sometimes I can’t breathe and start hyper-ventilating because he’s not HOME


Thank you for sharing this moving message with us. Your father and your family will be in my prayers🙏❤

Linda Whitmore

sending ❤️


I'm glad he's not suffering and he's in a safe place

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