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I killed all the rainbows and the species.

Overall Meaning

The lyrics "I killed all the rainbows and the species" in M83's song This Bright Flash refer to a sense of destruction and devastation in the world. The rainbow symbolizes hope, beauty, and harmony, while the word "species" refers to life itself. The use of "I killed" shows a sense of guilt and responsibility for this destruction. The singer could be referring to the destruction caused by humans through pollution, war, and climate change. The line highlights the consequences of our actions as a species and the need for awareness and change to protect the environment and life on this planet.

Moreover, the use of past tense in the line suggests that the damage has already been done, and it's too late to reverse it. The singer perhaps feels hopeless and powerless, knowing that even the most beautiful and delicate things like rainbows can be destroyed. The lyrics evoke a sense of sadness, regret, and urgency for change.

In summary, these lyrics reflect the theme of environmental conservation and the need to take personal responsibility for our actions. They highlight the importance of preserving nature to ensure a sustainable future for all living beings on this planet.

Line by Line Meaning

I killed all the rainbows and the species.
I destroyed all forms of colorful beauty and all life forms.

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Most interesting comment from YouTube:


I listen to this and want to run,
not only from my feelings but the reality of it all.
The word we live in and the times we are facing,
and when the song comes to an end.
I realize that the beauty of it all fades with it,
and I can't help but realize how much I hate where we are and what we are.
Out of all things we've become, we chose the thing filled with the most hate.
While others are at peace we are war, whether its is with your country, beliefs, or with your own self.
Hoping one day we too can see the beauty, the actual reality of it all, where peace coexists and people can be themselves.
Until then, I keep this song on repeat, running from it all myself with the beauty that is this song.
I hope you find it to, because we all deserve and escape, the ability to feel real and true.
I found it with this blaring over my car stereo driving into the sunset, I feel alive, motivated and true.
Please find this within yourselves like I did myself, It may not be this song or this time but it will come eventually.
Where you can feel free to let your hair down, roll the windows down and stick your head out.
Letting out the deepest scream you can in pain, freedom, joy or whatever you may feel.

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This song makes me wanna fly to Tibet and live peacefully..


apex predator


After throwing a giant metal spear through my cousin because he wouldn't stop screaming


Eso es de Poder sin limites


Did you go?


@@AaA-xw6yy You'll be the first to know brother

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Chronicle was one of the best movies made. I really believe that. and this was the really dope credit song




Same I watched it in theaters when I was 10 with my aunt and it’s one of my fondest childhood memories


"You made it Andrew."

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