Water Deep
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This is that beautiful weird sound that is unique to M83. The sound that makes you feel like you’re floating in complete darkness and nothing else exist.


Yes, that's exactly why I love M83... So unique!

Liquid Audio

Agreed, it's extraordinary, so beautiful and dreamy, always makes me emotional too.

Benvans Hammond

Me too
Its so special. I can get high, emotional, spiritual, and all of those just from listening to M83. My brain always has this rush through it when am listening. And I’ve even seen things and had visions all by listening to M83. M83’s Outro opened my third eye to see everything in a spectrum that’s so beautiful. I see pure energetic dots on everything. It’s the atoms. It’s like I see nothing but pure energy. And I see these pure energetic beings from The Knowing movie too. So beautiful. The music is conscious❤ Cus that’s the feeling; it’s “soular” and energetic and creative and conscious and it’s so beautiful❤


I’m crying happy tears! I adore your music! How dare you create such perfect music?! 😩

Eric Faith

Anthony & his crew can take you there in a great way emotionally. 🤯


It's like seeing again an old friend. Crying and happy at the same time.

Loka4Loki acaypa

I'm feeling the same in this moment 🙂🙃

Carson Jones

Best song on the album so far 💯


Have to agree! This is stunning if a little short 😂i know its a prelude/intro though

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