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Where the Boats Go
M83 Lyrics


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I've said it before and I'll say it again: M83's music feels like space travel.

Pamela Stewart

Don't you just love it

The Piano Man

@Bettina Gaztambide I understand. I feel like I'm going through the same thing right now, to be honest. I hope it works out for you and me soon.

Bettina Gaztambide

@The Piano Man thank you for your concern. I was having a day we all have sometimes. I have and still going thru some of the roughest patch,but who isnt going thru something.. but I'm just another person trapped or wish I was in a box full of intruments or with the right people, or if I had the money... and or within what I love...the measures would be ballistic ally disaster masterpieces I wish I could put into work.

The Piano Man

@Bettina Gaztambide are you Okay?

Bettina Gaztambide

They are named after another Galaxy. Including the fact that tonight M44 is the closest tonight. And lsest Galaxy to us for the naked eye as it seems like a nebula like a cluster fuck of I'm guessing.
I don't know much . I just always been infatuated with M83 and I have searched above who they are.
I am aloneness soul and I seem to be "too much"
For every one
Seems slmedays I belong to comedy central.and or maybe Ina. Studio. But yet to find myself, I sit here in disperse. And I dwell when I shouldn't and I love when I shouldn't love at all..but I personally feel like I just wanna give.not only my love but to make everything and everyone happy.
And I. Am not enough..never have been....

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You can hear all of the universe in M83's work.......


Only way I can ever describe M83 is like painful euphoria.


Am I the only one that plays m83 when I'm sleeping.


This song helps me sleep

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